Secrets of the Sanctuary (Coven Chronicles #2) by Octavia J Riley Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

An influx of magical creatures seeking asylum drives Thea Bauer to search for the answers that the Coven seeks in author Octavia J Riley’s “Secrets of the Sanctuary (Coven Chronicles #2).” 

The Synopsis 

Thea Bauer has earned her way to being a highly skilled member of the Coven. Ranked as a Spellweaver, she’s assigned the more dangerous missions. Corralling a herd of wild unicorns? No problem. Taking down a witch riding the high of black magic? Piece of cake. Finding out why magic-based creatures are suddenly flooding the local sanctuary, protected by a powerful sorceress with a hatred for the Coven? Thea might need more than her tethered demonic partner to see this mission through.

She calls upon Summoner Rafe MacBain, a trusted colleague she’s known for years whose dreamy eyes might keep her up at night—but she’s not admitting that to anyone. He’s got his own demonic companion, and altogether they’re a force to be reckoned with. But, even with their combined strength, it might not be enough against feral demons escaping some of the farthest reaches of Hell.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Thea must conquer her own demons residing within herself that conjure up a painful past. Will she be able to overcome herself, or will the memories she’s tried to stray from keep her from fighting enemies in the physical realm? Thea is starting to wonder if the sorceress may be one of those enemies too. What secret is she hiding at the bottom of the sanctuary, and how will it affect everything Thea has come to know?

The Review

This was a fun and fascinating read that fans of the Fantasy/YA genre will love. While the second book in the series, newcomers like myself will easily be able to get into the narrative of this magical world where magic and magical creatures are an everyday part of life. Readers are instantly drawn to the characters introduced early on in the story, from protagonist Thea and the Summoner Rafe to the Kelpie she calls an ally and friend and the mysterious forces working all around them.

What was truly fascinating was the world building the author did for this novel. As part of a series with another author, this second book showcased the various levels of hell from which certain creatures or either summoned or imprisoned, and seeing the way each creature was categorized and divided up amongst the others was a major draw for any fans of the fantasy/YA genre. Readers truly felt immersed into the world as Thea and her friends went looking for answers, and found some of hell’s deadliest creatures loosed upon the world. Readers will love diving into the complex mythology created by the authors for this series, and the dangerous creatures chosen as the book’s antagonists.

The Verdict

This is a truly engaging and entertaining read that truly lives and breathes the YA/Fantasy genre in every page. Filled with mysteries, action, scares and a healthy blend of character and world building, this evenly paced read is something that will keep readers attention heavily focused in the moment and by book’s end, will have readers on the edge of their seat as the shocking conclusion plays out. If you haven’t yet, be sure to preorder your copy of “Secrets of the Sanctuary” by Octavia J Riley today or grab your copy when it is released on October 15th, 2019!

Rating: 10/10

About the Author

Ever since I was a child, I’ve had a passion for story-telling.

I grew up in and around Nashville and the surrounding suburbs until I was old enough to co-sign on an RV with my mother. Together, we traveled the southeast searching for the next phase in our lives.

We found it next door in good ole South Carolina, though not in the ways we planned. This is where I first met Nia Rose. From there, Coven Chronicles was born. The world we helped create together strengthened our friendship, and our friendship spawned more ideas that bled into the early hours of the morning, broadening the boundaries we had placed on ourselves and our imaginations.

Currently, I’m pursuing my BA in English Language & Literature at Southern New Hampshire University, writing my second novel (book four in Coven Chronicles), brainstorming ideas for a standalone, learning a second language, and working part-time. I have plans to teach English overseas one day, maybe find Mr. Right, and expand on the world I’ve come to love so much.

Who knows, though. Life is unpredictable. Just ask my characters.

– Octavia 





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