Screamcatcher: Web World by Christy J. Breedlove Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Four teens find themselves in a nightmarish landscape with more questions than answers as they fight to find an escape from whatever world they’ve awoken to in author Christy J. Breedlove’s novel “Screamcatcher: Web World”. 

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The Synopsis

When seventeen-year-old Jory Pike cannot shake the hellish nightmares of her parent’s deaths, she turns to an old family heirloom, a dream catcher. Even though she’s half blood Chippewa, Jory thinks old Indian lore is so yesterday, but she’s willing to give it a try. However, the dream catcher has had its fill of nightmares from an ancient and violent past. After a sleepover party, and during one of Jory’s most horrific dream episodes, the dream catcher implodes, sucking Jory and her three friends into its own world of trapped nightmares. They’re in an alternate universe—locked inside of an insane web world. How can they find the center of the web, where all good things are allowed to pass?

The Review

This was an exceptional new YA Horror/Fantasy novel like no other. So many novels in this genre explore well know and already established mythology, such as that of the Greek gods or the Norse gods, etc. Yet it is rare to find a novel that not only incorporates Native American folklore, but does it in a fresh, unique and action-packed way.

The story not only has fantastic and horrifying creatures, tales of survival and growing romance, but also has a deeply rooted emotional core in the character’s journey. Most notably Jory, the protagonist, brings a lot of heart and struggle to the tale, as she deals with the recent loss of her parents that slowly begins to mirror her adventure inside the nightmarish world she and her friends awoke in. The author does a brilliant job of creating relatable characters that readers will identify with and also creating natural bonds between them all that elevate the drama of the journey to find a way out of this hellish landscape they’re in.

The Verdict

This is a must read YA Horror/Fantasy novel. Filled with twists and turns, scares and thrills, and most importantly an emotional rollercoaster of a journey, this is a brilliant work of fiction that is deserving of a series, and I can only hope to see what happens next in Jory and her friend’s adventures. This is a candidate for YA Horror/Fantasy of the year. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy of Screamcatcher: Web World by Christy J. Breedlove today!

Rating: 10/10

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About the Author

I became a story teller. I’m a diehard frantic creator of Young Adult fiction, whether it’s paranormal, science fiction, suspense or fantasy. I believe in pure escapism with unceasing action adventure and discovery. If you want a moral message or cultural statement, you’re apt to get a small one. But let me tell you something, reader, I want to make you laugh until you gag, cry until you’re dry and tear out tufts of your hair. Today, young adult lit needs a resurrection. How soon we’ve forgotten about Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Divergent and Twilight. Oh, the mania! Where has it gone? Are we losing our young readers? We need something really fresh and new. I and several writers are going to pour everything we have into that end. You are the kindly judge–help us get there and we will deliver!

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