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Good books don't give up all their secrets at once. – Stephen King

Hello there everyone!

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you are reading this page it’s because you have a book, video series, movie, tv show, video game or a product you’d like reviewed on my blog. I am here to help and would love to work with you.

The first thing to note is this: right now, I have over twenty books in my TBR list, and while I won’t close myself off to submissions to you guys, it will be a while before I read your book. I’m always happy to work with you guys on promoting your projects and will be happy to add your work to my list. I just ask for your patience and understanding as I’m only one person working on this blog.

Secondly, I read and review almost anything. The only genres of books I don’t read are erotica and religious books. I myself am not religious, and I am also more liberal in my views, so anything involving anti-LGBTQ, anti-immigration, anti-equality or any variation of those things will probably result in a very polite response declining to get involved in your project. I wish you well if this is the case, but I just don’t agree with those sentiments and don’t feel comfortable promoting it on my blog.

Third, I review a wide array of things on this blog. While my specialty involves books, I have experience writing reviews, previews and articles for music, movies, television, video games, apps and more. The only thing is I am not well versed in certain genres in these categories, so just ask me in an email and I will let you know whether or not I’m the person for you to help promote your product.

Now I offer a wide array of promotion on my blog. The first thing I want to note is that I do not ask for money in exchange for reviews. I review books and other products on here in exchange for fair, honest reviews. All I ask is for you to send your product to me either through email or my P.O. Box, which I will give you in our correspondence. I work with indie authors, publishers both big and small, and large companies. It doesn’t matter to me where you are coming from in your industry or whether or not you are just starting out or have an author who’s book is about to be released through your publishing house, I am available to review your product.

I not only offer a written review on my blog, but a video review on my YouTube channel, Avina Vlogs. I also post reviews to Goodreads, Amazon and to my social media pages. I also offer email interviews, (possible audio or video interviews if my schedule allows), as well as guest posts, giveaways and any other promotional ideas you might have. Just ask when we email and I will let you know if I can help you.

If this sounds good to you, simply email me at and include your name (or pen name), the reason for your email and what kind of promotion you are looking for on my blog. I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope we can work together on promoting your work. Like I said, whether you are an indie creator or work for a large company, I am happy to work with you and get your product out there. I know how difficult it can be to get your work seen, so as long as you are patient with waiting for my review, I am happy to help get your project seen. Take care, and I look forward to hearing from you guys!


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