Nightmare Wars Series

Nightmare Wars Arrival Cover 2

Jackson Stevenson had it all. Riches, fame, love, he was truly blessed. At the time when his band is beginning to gain widespread recognition, Jack suffers a horrible attack in supernatural origins. After the attack, he is left in a coma, and for six months, he is left in darkness. When he finally wakes up, the world he knew and loved is gone, and humanity is fighting for survival. All of the supernatural creatures of myth and legend of made themselves known, and under the command of a mysterious council, they have sent the remaining humans into hiding. 
When he wakes up, he learns that his family and a few others have taken refuge in an underground bunker. Having to learn how to survive quickly, Jack goes from a weakened coma survivor to a natural leader. However, Jack soon learns that his beautiful wife, Bella, has been captured by a powerful vampire, and despite his family’s warnings, he ventures out into the dangers of the outside world, desperate to find his wife and save her at all costs.
Full of legendary creatures and mysterious foes, this is the story of survival, love, and the true meaning of a monster. This is the first book in a long series that shows humanities unwillingness to give up, and the bonds we make in the face of annihilation. This is humanities Nightmare War.

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Nightmare Wars Infection Cover 2

The war wages on in the second novel in Anthony Avina’s Epic series, Nightmare Wars. Book Two: Infection, takes place in the blazing Southwest of the former United States of America. Jackson Stevenson and his squad of soldiers have made their way to Arizona in hopes of stopping an infamous monster: Dr. Jekyll. After receiving word of human experiments at a research facility, Jack must rally his troops to stop the psychotic killer, before he unleashes a horrible virus on the remaining human populace. Filled with action-packed drama, horrific monsters, and surprising twists and turns all along the way, this series deals with the age old question: What is a monster? Bringing legendary creatures and a tale of hope, love, and loss, the second chapter of horror writer Anthony Avina’s biggest series yet is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.


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Nightmare Wars Alliance Cover 2

The war wages on in the third installment of Anthony Avina’s epic action/horror series, Nightmare Wars Book Three: Alliances.

Jackson Stevenson leads his team of resistance fighters to Seattle, WA, where Medusa and her two Gorgon sisters have set up a mysterious facility. No humans have been seen going in or out, which spells out trouble for Jack as he tries to ascertain the true threat in the North West.

Meanwhile, new players in the game show up in the war. Immortal creatures come across Jack’s path, but whose side are they on in the war? Can Jack find out whose working with who before everyone he loves and cares for dies? Will he be able to stop Medusa before she unleashes unholy hell on the city of Seattle? Come along for the ride and find out if Jack can stop untold death and destruction and form the one thing he’s been missing from the war, and that is alliances.

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