The Oberlynn Origins: Prequel to The Oberlynn Generations Series by J. Traveler Pelton Review

The foundations for a family legacy that will withstand the test of time take center stage in author J. Traveler Pelton’s “The Oberllyn Origins: Prequel to the Oberllyn Generations Series”. 


The Synopsis

In the beginning, the kidnapped ancestors of the Oberllyn’s had to rescue themselves from slavery in a strange land. How does someone travel from the freedom of tribal lands to Scotland and back again generations later with their integrity unblemished? Who were the true barbarians, the colonists or the native peoples? Travel back with us to the time when trees were tall, the settled country was being invaded by refugees from a failed civilization, and two young people made the best of a terrible situation. They founded a dynasty. However, their first task was survival.

The Review

This was a truly compelling historical fiction/drama. The author really drew the reader in, capturing the raw and visceral nature of early life in the Americas and how the Native American people were treated so cruelly by the settlers. Yet the action and history moved quite quickly, allowing brief yet impactful glimpses at the multitude of events throughout the 18th and 19th centuries through the eyes of this vastly growing family. 

The way the author was able to connect the larger story of the Oberllyn Family from the original trilogies to this prequel was so engaging. The descriptive nature and wide cast of characters the author employed into the narrative was magnificent to behold, and really made the settings come to life in a very real way. The attention to detail the author utilized to the language and actions of the people back in those eras was so precise and made the characters feel alive on the pages.

The Verdict

Memorable, engaging, and awe-inspiring, author J. Traveler Pelton’s “The Oberllyn Origins: Prequel to the Oberllyn Generations Series” is a must-read novel. The history, the culture, and the examination of several generations of what would become a prominent family in the author’s other series made this such an entertaining read. The story was heartfelt and emotional, and the characters were so vibrant on the page that readers won’t be able to put down this book until the very end. If you haven’t yet, download or purchase your copy of this amazing story today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

J. Traveler Pelton was born in West Virginia in the last century. She is active in her home church and was the Nation’s Mother for her tribe for several years. She is still wife to Dan after 47 years (He is so long-suffering!), mother of six adults, a grandmother of nine, a Clinically Licensed Independent Social worker in private practice, a retired adjunct professor of social work at her local university, and an avid reader. She lives on a mini-farm with her husband, seven alpaca, a flock of spoiled chickens, five Siamese cats, four Pomeranians, a talkative Amazon parrot named Gizmo, and her aviary of canaries. Traveler enjoys the intersection of fantasy, possibility, creativity, and speculation. Join her on the other side of the imagination tree. She’ll be sitting there waiting for your visit.

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