The Melody Of Three (Evercharm Trilogy #1) by S.D. Reeves Review

A sorcerer long banned from Liverpool receives a mysterious summons, and discovers a world turned upside down in author S.D. Reeves’ novel, “The Melody of Three.”

Interview with Anthony Avina

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into writing? – I got into writing in high school, but I wasn’t any good at it back then. Recently, I wanted to take more control and agency in my life, as well as write down some cool story ideas I had. In 2017 […]

Character Interview: Biyum of Author Andrew Mowere’s “Adventus”

Hello there everyone. I have the honor today of sharing with you an exclusive and fun character interview with one of the characters from an upcoming dark fantasy novel titled “Adventus” by author Andrew Mowere. I will be reviewing this book later in the year, but with the book now available for preorder, I thought […]