Fear and Longing in Los Angeles (A Canadian Werewolf Novel) by Mark Leslie Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A successful author who also must contend with the curse of the lycanthrope travels to LA to assist in the script for one of his books latest adaptions, and comes across a mysterious woman and B-Movie nightmares in author Mark Leslie’s “Fear and Longing in Los Angeles”, the latest in the author’s acclaimed series, “A Canadian Werewolf”. 


The Synopsis


If New York is the city that never sleeps, then L.A. is the city where you have to sleep with one eye open.

Michael Andrews learns quickly that it’s not just the cut-throat world of Hollywood you need to fear. There’s something deeper, darker, and far more disturbing lurking just beneath the shadows of the city, waiting for any moment of vulnerability to grab you by the throat.

An extended trip to Los Angeles to be on set for the movie adaptation of his latest novel leads Michael into a twisted and macabre underworld where he becomes entangled with an intriguing, sexy, and mysterious woman. At times she seems just what he needs in order to finally get over the unrequited love of his ex-girlfriend; but at other times, she appears to be the gateway to a Pandora’s box of B-movie nightmares.

Can he trust her? Can he trust himself with her?

Michael’s supernatural wolf-enhanced powers and special abilities might not be enough to survive this particular harsh and gritty jungle and the unique and deadly predators that crawl out of the shadows.

The Review

This was a truly engaging and entertaining read. The author has crafted a unique world full of paranormal creatures and relatable characters. Although I am a newcomer to this series, the author writes in a way that allows each book to stand on its own while creating a new layer to the mythos the author has crafted for this series. 

The protagonist is the heart of this story. While many of the side characters add depth to the narrative, the beating heart is Michael’s journey. Balancing his supernatural powers and gifts with the more emotional core of his story, from the heartbreak of his relationship with Gail to meeting the mysterious and alluring Lex as he navigates the dark underbelly of Los Angeles makes his story really shine brightly. Pair this with the underscoring of political themes as a group of hateful domestic terrorists begins attacking the citizens of LA, and you have a fantastic new horror and action thriller.

The Verdict

A brilliant, action-packed, and emotionally driven thriller, author Mark Leslie’s “Fear and Longing in Los Angeles” is the perfect next chapter in the Canadian Werewolf series. The story immediately draws the reader in, and the twists and turns Michael’s story takes as he becomes closer and closer with Lex and gets involved in stopping this cult/terrorist organization makes for entertaining journey readers won’t be able to put down. Be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Mark is a writer, editor and bookseller who was born and grew up in Sudbury, spent many years in Ottawa and Hamilton and currently lives in Waterloo, Ontario.

When he is not writing, he tacks “Lefebvre” back onto his name and works as a book industry consultant, having been a bookseller since the 1992, the same year his first short story was published.

Apart from publishing novels and non-fiction paranormal explorations under the name Mark Leslie, having works occasionally appearing on his mother’s refrigerator door under the name Mark Lefebvre, and podcasting and consulting about the book industry under the name Mark Leslie Lefebvre for his Stark Publishing/Stark Reflections brand, Mark is a lover of craft beer.

When he’s not enjoying craft beer or playing around with his three given names, he can usually be found wandering, awestruck through bookstores or libraries. 



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