Winter Comes (When Winter Comes #6) by Daniel Willcocks Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A small Alaskan town faces the end as the storm that has been raging around them and the threats it has brought begin the endgame in author Daniel Willcocks’s “Winter Comes”, the sixth book in the When Winter Comes series.


The Synopsis

The forest is quaking, the storm closes in, an ancient darkness is awakened…

The endgame nears. The storm has brought them into its heart, and in its center a secret force, long hidden, wakes from slumber. Will those whom the storm has corralled be able to take on the monsters that the world has forgotten?

Or will the darkness take what it’s owed?

Cody struggles to come to terms with the reality of his mysterious messenger. Tori and Oscar plot their way inside the Drumtrie Forest. Alex and his charges stumble upon the very thing they thought they’d never find.

And, Karl… Karl will do whatever it takes to ensure that his new masters are served.

Only, the Masked Ones serve a master of their own. And he is hungry.

“Winter Comes” is the sixth tale in the serialized apocalyptic horror, “When Winter Comes,” with new episodes released monthly. 

The Review

What a powerful and impactful horror read! The author astounds readers with a wholly unique story that blends the terror of isolation with the fear that monsters often bring. Immediately the atmosphere of the narrative reminded me of Steve Niles’s “30 Days of Night”, with powerful and deadly creatures attacking a small Alaskan town that has been cut off from the world via a powerful storm. 

The author does an incredible job of crafting a story that not only serves as a fitting end to a terrific series but allows newcomers to enjoy the narrative as well, (for which I am one of them). The utilization of the creatures the author chose for this narrative was an inspired choice, as the creatures are known enough to not be obscure but are not as utilized in pop culture as saying vampires or werewolves, creating a new mythos and elevated level of fear for those not as familiar with them. 

The core of this story remains the amazing character development. The author’s writing is superb, bringing readers into the action immediately and creating a series of characters within this small town that not only highlights the horror of what they are facing but the sense of community that comes with a tale of survival such as this. As isolating as the overall setting is, the survivors having endured separate attacks soon turn to a community facing off against a powerful threat. 

The Verdict

A brilliant, engaging, and chilling horror story, author Daniel Willcocks’s “Winter Comes” is a must-read novel and fitting end to a powerful series. With twists and turns the reader will be shocked to see and both satisfying and emotional conclusions to these character’s stories, readers will not be able to put this book down. Be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author 

Daniel Willcocks is an international bestselling author and podcaster of dark fiction. He is the CEO of Devil’s Rock Publishing, one fifth of digital story studio, Hawk & Cleaver, co-producer of iTunes-busting fiction podcast, ‘The Other Stories,’ as well as the host of the ‘Great Writers Share’ podcast, and the ‘Next Level Authors’ podcast.

Residing in the UK, Dan’s work explores the catastrophic and the strange. His stories span the genres of horror, post-apocalyptic, and sci-fi, and his work has seen him collaborating with some of the biggest names in the independent publishing community.

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