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Bioshock Infinite Review

Visually stunning, breathtaking, action-packed, and thought-provoking are just some of the words that can be used to describe the best game this gamer has played in years. That’s right, I’m talking about Irrational’s Bioshock Infinite. Ranking right up there with games like Mass Effect 3, Halo 4, Assassins Creed III, and Half-Life 2, this game gives one of the best stories ever told in a video game, and the performances mixed in with the gameplay and amazing visuals and music give 2013 its best game to date.

Serving as a prequel of sorts to the hit Bioshock franchise, Bioshock Infinite takes place in the floating city of Columbia, where a former Pinkerton agent named Booker DeWit is asked to find a girl named Elizabeth and save her. Hoping to wipe away some debt he’s gathered, he embarks on the journey to the fabled city in 1912, and finds himself thrown into a war between the Founder of the city, Father Comstock, and the Vox Populi, led by the infamous Fitzroy. While trying to keep Elizabeth safe, the history of the city and Elizabeth’s origins are shown, and the narrative all leads to one of the best endings I’ve seen in a game, appealing to gamers emotionally and intellectually.

One of the game’s main themes is the scientific theory that there are infinite realities, and when one choice is made, another universe is created where you made the other choice. In so keeping with the theme, fans get a perfect blend of familiar gameplay from the original game mixed in with new mechanics, like having Elizabeth serving as an active helper against enemies by giving him health, energy, ammo, or creating something called “tears” that bring in allies and supplies from alternate universes. Combine this with some visually stunning environments and a great handle on music from the era mixed in with the alternate reality theme gives gamers a thrilling ride. The new weaponry, the addition of powers called Vigors rather than Plasmids, and the awesome new melee weapon called the Sky-hook that not only allows gamers to travel on a monorail type of system in the city, but allows gamers to execute enemies in a most gruesome fashion, gives this game the amazing feel and is sure to make Bioshock Infinite the Game of the Year for 2013.

This game is so amazing. I had such a great time playing this game, and anyone who loves to game should pick up a copy today. The amazing work done by Irrational Games, led by creative designer Ken Levine, is nothing short of superb, and I cannot wait to see what other stories they will unveil in this amazing universe they have created through future DLC. I give Bioshock Infinite a perfect score of 10/10, and applaud Irrational Games for a job well done. This is one game that will definitely be played over and over again.

Lack of Week in Review

Hey guys, sorry I haven’t put up a television review for the week. I’ve been celebrating my birthday with family this past week, and I’ve missed a lot of the shows I review. Look for the new reviews for this upcoming week on Monday. Also, look for a review of the upcoming Bioshock Infinite game on Xbox 360. This is going to be an awesome game, and I can’t wait to review it for you guys. Thanks for understanding.

Week in Television: Monday March 4th through Sunday March 10th

The Following: The cult thriller continued its hot streak this week as Ryan searched for Joey after Emma and Carrol’s son escaped the farmhouse. They meet Bo, another new contact in Carrol’s cult, but Joey stumbles on Bo’s dark secret as he finds a woman locked in a cage. Meanwhile, Ryan learns that Carrol is being transferred to another prison, and fears that this is part of his plan, where Carrol will try to escape from his imprisonment. Ryan races to learn the deadly plot in Carrol’s next chapter, before more lives are lost and the villain of this story is loosed on the world once more. The episode continued to shock and deliver a quality story that showcases the unique tale of a serial killer and the FBI agent who caught him.

Nikita: The CW’s spy thriller continued its stellar third season as Nikita and Alex were tasked with finding Ari’s son, who’s bodyguard is trained to kill anyone who he perceives as a threat to the boy. With the deadly Amanda hot on his son’s trail, Ari pleads with Nikita to find him and keep him safe before it is too late. After she is knocked unconscious, Nikita wakes to find that the bodyguard has captured her and Amanda, and she must find a way to convince him that she is on his side. The episode continues the action and thrill of this amazing series, while giving fans a small glimpse into how Amanda became the cold, calculating villain that she is.

Shameless: The Gallagher’s are at it again, trying to survive against all odds while using unusual tactics to do so. After winning guardianship of the kids, Fiona learns that one of her cousins has gained ownership of their home after he turns in a will their dead Aunt Ginger had written years ago. While Fiona and her boyfriend Jimmy try to find jobs to raise enough money for a new place, the rest of the kids look for a way to keep the house. Meanwhile, patriarch Frank meets a member of AA at one of his meetings, who asks Frank if he will be his sponsor and move into his apartment. And Sheila adjusts to having her daughter Karen back in her life, but questions her true motives for coming back. The craziness of the show is combined with amazingly strong characters and a very real look into the lives of millions of people in the world who just manage to scrape by. Truly one of the best dramas out there, Shameless showcased its strength once again with this previous episode.

Monday February 25th to Sunday March 3rd 2013

The Following: Probably the most intense, heart-pumping episode of the season, the recently renewed Fox drama saw Kevin Bacon’s Agent Ryan Hardy being held hostage after being caught by kidnappers and cult followers Emma, Jacob, and Paul during an attempt to rescue Claire’s son Joey. While being held hostage, the farmhouse they are in is surrounded by FBI agents and local officials, and Ryan begins to work at tearing the trio of cultists apart. This episode was also great because viewers got a deeper glance into Annie Parisse’s Agent Debra Parker, and how she came to be an expert in cult activity and psychology. This episode showcased the overwhelming strength of the show’s character development and amazing story, and we here at On Request Magazine are thrilled that this amazing new drama will return for a second season next year.

Cult: The new CW drama that follows in a familiar cult-like story much like Fox’s The Following aired its second episode this past week, and the mystery surrounding Billy Grimm continued to unfold. As investigative reporter Jeff Sefton delved deeper into the allure of the show and his brother’s mysterious disappearance, he looked into the woman who killed herself before his eyes in the pilot episode, finding a husband who looked more frightened than upset, and a possible dirty cop who may or may not be in on this cult acting out crimes based on the hit television show ‘Cult’. Following clues within the television show and trying desperately to get closer to finding the man playing Billy Grimm, Jeff finds a world of mystery, fear, and blood waiting for him. This is definitely a great new show, and hopefully can continue to delve into this deep mythology and keep the balance between the real world activity and the show within the show look.

Arrow: The latest episode of this years best new drama found Oliver racing to stop the deadly Deadshot, an assassin he thought he had killed, from killing his best friend Tommy’s father. As he tried to find a balance between his new budding romance with detective McKenna Hall and protecting his friends father. The entire episode left us waiting on the edge of our seat, for we got to see multiple sides of this event, from the relationship between Tommy and his father, Oliver’s relationship with Hall and their investigations into the same assassination attempt, (unbeknownst to Hall), and the look at who hired Deadshot and his handler, China White. The show ended with two shocking revelations, and left fans everywhere crying out in anger when the show ended with another cliffhanger, (anger in a good way though). This episode really goes out to another great performance from Stephen Amell, (Arrow, Oliver Queen), and Colin Donnell’s Tommy Merlyn.

Nikita: The CW’s hit spy thriller really upped the ante this week when Nikita and her team captured Ari Tasarov, a former Russian agent who has been working with former Division handler turned big time villain Amanda. When they bring Ari in, they learn that Amanda has used him to fund another one of her plots to bring Nikita down, and so Nikita and the gang must find a way to get the information they need out of Ari before more innocent people are killed. This episode was a stellar performance from Maggie Q’s Nikita, who found herself traveling down a dark road and forcing herself to do bad things in order to stop more people from getting killed. The new development into her character gave her one of her best performances of the season, and we hope that we get yet another season of this amazing show so that we can continue to delve deeper into the ever evolving character of Nikita.

House of Lies: This weeks best Showtime show goes to Don Cheadle’s House of Lies, where his character, Marty Kaan, finds himself questioning his place with the company he works with, and how the view him. When he learns that his latest client has dirty business dealings that would leave him accountable, Marty goes on a journey to fix the situation and get the upper hand against his bosses. The episode really did a great job of delving into the relationship between Marty and Kristen Bell’s Jeannie, a member of his group of consultants. The mystery of the season has been to remember what happened one drunken night, and whether their relationship has changed at all. The complicated history between them and their various faults and character flaws made for a great episode.