Lessons from the Sidewalk: Encounters with the Discarded by Barry Robbins Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author Barry Robbins takes readers through a unique trip into the past as infamous figures through history encounter the objects that remained just out of reach of their fame in the book “Lessons from the Sidewalk: Encounters with the Discarded”. 


The Synopsis

Lessons from the Sidewalk: Encounters with the Discarded plunges you into a world where the mundane meets the monumental. Imagine a scenario where Leonardo da Vinci stands transfixed by an old, forgotten yo-yo, or Winston Churchill finds himself deeply contemplative over a dented trash can. What could these everyday objects possibly share with such towering figures?

Unravel the tapestry of unexpected encounters as icons from history, from Napoleon Bonaparte to Hamlet, face off with the most ordinary, discarded items. But there’s a twist—each seemingly trivial find becomes a mirror, reflecting profound truths about existence, ambition, and the echoes of the human soul.

Every chapter is an expedition, navigating through the annals of history, the depths of iconic personalities, and the shared experiences that bind us all. Discover the profound lessons nestled in life’s seemingly insignificant moments and items.

Step into a world where the forgotten gains voice, the ordinary becomes extraordinary, and history’s giants are seen in an entirely unprecedented light. Dive in, and see yourself reflected in the unexpected corners of history and everyday life.

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The Review

This was a compelling and captivating genre fiction read. The blend of historical fiction with historical and celebrity psychological deep dives made this such a gripping read. The way the author is able to tackle so many different historical figures and pair them with so many different ordinary objects really shows off the creativity and insights that the author has.

The most striking aspect of this book was how the author’s use of these everyday objects with these historical figures spoke to the historical figures’s mindset about the humanity that resided within these figures outside of their fame. The importance of these everyday stories and objects and the role they place in the world, along with the mindset and way in which these characters view the world made this a remarkable read.

The Verdict

Memorable, heartfelt, and engaging, author Barry Robbins’s “Lessons from the Sidewalk” is a must-read genre fiction novel. The historical fiction aspects of each figure’s story and experience with these objects and the human condition they speak to make this book fly by and become one of the more introspective reads of the year. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Barry Robbins is a celebrated author, having penned five notable satirical works that earned him three gold medal awards, and the first book in his ‘icons’ series. With a 26-year tenure as an accountant for an international firm under his belt, he took a bold leap, relocating to Finland’s tranquil shores. There, amidst its enchanting landscapes and in the company of his Finnish wife and two beautiful daughters, he found a renewed passion for storytelling and mastered the subtle intricacies of expatriate life (including, notably, the fine art of taking out the trash). Now, from his home in Florida, Barry crafts tales that are both engaging and thought-provoking, adding to his diverse literary canvas.

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