Oh Daddy Chronicles 2: Return of Covfefe by Barry Robbins Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author Barry Robbins returns with a follow-up to his acclaimed contemporary political satire collection featuring all-new skit-like segments focusing on Former President Trump now living life as “Citizen Trump” in the book “Oh Daddy Chronicles 2: Return of Covfefe”. 


The Synopsis

Oh Daddy Chronicles 2: Return of Covfefe is a contemporary political satire. It continues the hilarious lampooning of the 45th President of the United States – a guy named Trump – that began with the original Chronicles. But the scene has shifted – from the White House to Mar-a-Lago and the object of ridicule now responds to the title Citizen Trump. Join the fun as “Return of Covfefe” brings you the first annual “I Love Trump Beauty Pageant,” the Cheneys vs.Trumps showdown, Biden’s summit with Putin, Allen Weisselberg’s flip, Bernie’s craving for gefilte fish, and lots more.

The Chronicles 2 consists of 47 largely independent skit-like episodes, each taking on a different target. It’s what you get when you take real or imagined events, toss in a healthy dose of comic imagination, and turn the blender speed to high.

The Review

A brilliant follow-up to a fantastic contemporary satire that reflects the central figures of our political scene today. The humor and wit with which the author delivers these scenes and the characterization of political figures like Trump, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, and more was not only hilarious but somehow captured the essence and tone of their behavior and actions over the last few years. 

One thing that stood out in this read, much like in the first book, was the author’s ability to balance the humorous character interactions with the contemporary real-world issues that we are still facing to this day. From the attack on the Capitol Building to COVID and the pandemic as a whole, the author finds a creative way to not only criticize the ridiculous nature of some of these individuals but to bring humor and a much-needed break from the reality of the life we are all living right now.

The Verdict

A masterful, well-written, and hilarious sequel to Oh Daddy Chronicles, author Barry Robbins’s “Oh Daddy Chronicles 2: Return of Covfefe is a must-read satire read. The natural way the author meshed the humor and contemporary scenarios together was incredible writing, and fans of political satire, in particular, will thoroughly enjoy as the strange, unusual, and shocking behavior of Trump takes on a whole new meaning in this evenly-paced read. If you haven’t yet, grab your copy today! 

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Barry Robbins is a retired CPA with a keen interest in things having nothing to do with accounting. He spent 26 years working for a large accounting firm. Then he quit. He moved to Helsinki, Finland with his Finnish wife and two beautiful daughters 20 years ago. He now spends much of his time living in Florida, struggling to adapt to life in what often seems like a foreign country. The years spent in Europe gave him new eyes through which to see the U.S. That, plus the time spent freelancing as a ghostwriter of book reports for lazy third graders, make him uniquely qualified to serve as Chronicler-in-Chief of the Oh Daddy Chronicles.


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