Out of the Box: A New World by Lucia Matuonto Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Two children who have grown up in a walled-off city their whole lives discover a world of clean air and trees in the adventure children’s book, “Out of the Box: A New World” by author Lucia Matuonto. 


The Synopsis

A fun and engaging children’s book about discovering new places, friendship, and exploring our wonderful world!

Welcome to Grey City! This is a city surrounded by walls with no trees, but full of factories, smog and dirt.

Brother and sister Noah and Mila have lived here their whole life.

On their daily walk, their dog Buster digs a hole under the city’s walls and escapes to the other side. Noah and Mila follow him and see a whole new world outside the little box they’ve grown up in. They discover the beautiful Green Town.

There they encounter new faces like Ali and Carol who show them what it’s like to breathe clean air, ride a bicycle and see trees everywhere you go.

Why have Noah and Mila never heard of Green Town before?

Out of the Box is the story of an adventure and discovery that allows children to connect with the environment through the eyes of Noah and Mila.

It shows us the importance of greener living and how pushing for change is possible!

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The Review

This was a wonderfully creative and inspiring read for younger readers everywhere. The world-building and character development were very well done and had some incredible detail included, something you don’t always get in a children’s book. The imagery that the illustrations captured and the unique settings that the narrative takes readers through made this story truly stand out and engaged the reader on a whole other level.

To me, the heart of this narrative rested in the powerful environmental themes and messages of hope that the author wrote into the story. The overwhelming nature of the fossil fuels and non-renewable energy sources that are still used to this day brought a grim reality to the story, while the promise of renewable energy and cleaner living in the later half of the narrative touched upon our own push as a species to improve and take better care of the environment. 

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The Verdict

Heartfelt, thoughtful, and enlightening, author Lucia Matuonto’s “Out of the Box: A New World” is a must-read children’s book on environmentalism and our impact on the world. The rich storyline and the dynamics between the characters will hook young readers, and the themes the story teaches will leave fans educated and enthralled all at once. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Lucia Matuonto is a bestselling author, host at The Relatable Voice Podcast and Uncut with Lucia by Worldauthors.org and children’s physiotherapist. Lucia’s writing journey started about 20 years ago when she wrote articles for magazines and had a successful blog. She was born in Brazil, studied and lived in 6 countries. Lucia Matuonto used to teach and treat children with motor and cognitive disabilities. The children she met inspired her to create an imaginary world, full of animals and fantasy. By observing the beach fauna in Florida, Lucia developed her characters, who are now present in many children’s lives. https://www.luciamatuonto.com/


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