Kingdom Society: Broken Reality by Nathan Helm Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A hero in the making must face a challenging new threat as he and his allies seek a new teacher and discover the temptation of a new power in author Nathan Helm’s “Kingdom Society: Broken Reality”, the second book in the Kingdom Society.


The Synopsis

After the events of the evil Black Hood, Alyeth finds himself struggling with internal conflict at every turn. Given the opportunity, he goes with his master Xylok, Ezra, Koren, and Cindrel to learn from a powerful warlock Pyrres Galhon in Stonehaven. During his training, he learns of new forces in the universe that have their own plans for him, as well as learning more about his new teacher. When all seemed to be well on a normal Nature Extravaganza, Alyeth finds himself trapped in a precarious situation created by the devious Game Master. Alyeth must use his own instincts and intuition to find and save his team, as well as struggling with the new choice of power he is offered. Come join this action-packed adventure full of love, excitement, and new discovery and find out where our hero will end up! helping independents – whether authors, publishers, musicians, filmmakers, or small businesses – bring their creative efforts to the marketplace.

The Review

This was a powerful fusion of science fiction and fantasy! As a newcomer to the series, I found the author did a wonderful job of introducing the characters in a way that made the events of the first book feel alive and fresh in this world, giving enough information to move forward in this new adventure. The world-building and mythology the author establishes made the sci-fi and fantasy elements of the narrative feel natural and cohesive in this universe, making this a compelling read.

To me, the heart of this narrative rested in character development and world-building. For me, some of the most interesting characters in a story prove to be the ones who skate the line between good and evil, and Korath is a great example of this, as his tragic backstory serves as the prologue to this narrative. The action and adventure this story breeds with him at the forefront, along with protagonist Alyeth, made this a memorable reading experience.

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The Verdict

Memorable, adrenaline-fueled, and entertaining, author Nathan Helm’s “Kingdom Society: Broken Reality” is a must-read sci-fi and fantasy novel and a great addition to this growing series. The cosmic and elder god elements of the narrative and the tension that builds over time, both internally for Alyeth, and externally as these champions are chosen, made the series of twists and turns building throughout this narrative so compelling. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Award-Winning Author Nathan Helm doesn’t just have style, he puts the funk right into fantasy. Spending his days typing much faster than should be humanly possible, he creates stories for you to love and cherish. When he’s not driving his big rig bringing goods to all the country, he spends his time hunting, fishing, skiing, hiking, narrating audio books, singing, watching anime, going to church, and spending time with friends and family. He hopes you love the books to come, with two separate books series titled Dreamwalker, and Planet Conquest in the works, he will not leave you with a dull moment for years to come. You can follow this author on all social media by searching Author Nathan Helm or @thefunkyfantasyman. Author website is in the works, and he looks forward to the journey with all of you. Because as he says, “There’s nothing more important than making your fans happy!” God Bless you all and happy reading!

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