Vlada: Tales of the Damned Anthology

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Six authors come together to explore the dark mythos of the Vlada universe in the new anthology “Vlada: Tales of the Damned”.


The Synopsis

Vlada Tales of the Damned is a 6 author anthology book about the various characters from the Vlada Universe. Art by Tim Vigil, Chandra Akerblom, Don PAresi, and more. Authors included in the book are Christopher Denmead, Jenna Moqin, Don PAresi Chandra Akerblom, and more.

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The Review

This was a powerful and captivating collection of short stories. The authors not only captured the tone and atmosphere of the original Vlada story perfectly but honed in on the gothic setting and tone of the original so well. The vIsceral horror and gritty imagery the authors utilized helped bring an almost cinematic quality to the style of writing in each story, and the haunting tone of these tales kept the reader invested in these narratives. 

To me, the beauty of this series lies in both the gender-bent aspect of the twists on these iconic stories and the homages to the original mythos that the authors kept in place to add to the wealth of new storytelling that occurred. The earliest stories held great callbacks to characters like Renfield and Van Helsing, while the origins of Vlada herself were great and compelling to read, and the spine-chilling nature of the vampire lore was captured in these stories so perfectly that the authors were able to expand on the vampire mythos much more and keep the reader invested as they did so.

The Verdict

Memorable, captivating, and entertaining, the anthology hit gothic horror series “Vlada: Tales of the Damned” is a must-read collection. The twists on these iconic characters and the quick pace of the stories allowed the reader to really connect to this universe in a powerful way and leaves the reader eager for more stories within the growing Vlada universe. If you haven’t yet, grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10





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