Death’s Intern (The Intern Diaries Book One) by D.C. Gomez Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A young woman and retired army vet must decide whether she can take over a job working for Death herself in order to save a sea of lost souls (literally) in author D.C. Gomez’s “Death’s Intern”, the first book in the Intern Diaries series.


The Synopsis

Discover the magic in this AMAZON BESTSELLER and see why thousands of readers love Isis.

Retired Army vet, Isis Black, lives in a small Texas town, a tiny dot on the map. The only friends she has are her coworkers at a Tex-Mex restaurant, the locals she serves, and a homeless man named Bob.

One evening after work, Death knocks at Isis’s apartment door. Death wears an expensive designer suit and four-inch heels. She has a curvaceous body, long, silky brown hair and mischief in her voice.

Isis is sure that she’s dreaming or has gone to hell for accidentally killing a man by knocking him off a crowded fire escape at a wild party. Death informs Isis that the man she killed was Death’s intern, and now Death needs Isis to take his place for the North American territory.

Somebody is stealing the souls that Death needs to transport to the afterlife. The intern’s job is to find out who is sabotaging Death’s efforts. Who better for the job than Isis – she’s lonely, bored and perfect – right down to her name. Death gives Isis three days to decide if she’ll take the job.

When her friend, Bob, goes missing, Isis is enraged. But is she willing to work with Death, a talking cat, and a boy-genius as her teammates to find Bob?
If she doesn’t help Death, will Bob, and homeless people across the country, die?

This is a story of courage and a chase to save humanity.

The Review

This was such a fun and exhilarating urban fantasy read! The author did a fantastic job of capturing the balance of action-packed drama and humorous wit that the character exuded. The action picks up immediately, setting the stage for a powerful narrative that explores the concept of death and the ways in which humanity tries to control our destinies. The rich mythology and world-building the author developed played out on the page in a very cinematic way, the writing kind of reflecting imagery that would bring any modern streaming series to life.

Yet it was the diverse and captivating character development that really caught my eye. The intense action was equally elevated and balanced with the humor and charm of the main cast of characters. While the protagonist was a truly well-rounded and strong new hero in an urban fantasy setting, it was the strong supporting cast that was really amazing to read. From Death herself to a talking cat named Constantine and a young tech whiz named Bartholomew, the author created characters that offered humor, wit, and emotional depth to keep us invested in the narrative. 

The Verdict

Haunting, action-packed, and entertaining, author D.C. Gomez’s “Death’s Intern” is a must-read urban fantasy novel and a brilliant start to the Intern Diaries series. The rich mythos and fast-paced action mixed with the heartfelt characters and a very engaging sense of imagery brought this incredible story to life, so be sure to grab your copy of this novel today! 

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

D. C. Gomez is a USA Today Bestselling Author, born in the Dominican Republic and grew up in Salem, Massachusetts. She study film and television at New York University. After college she joined the US Army, and proudly served for four years.

Those experiences shaped her quirky sense of humor. D.C. has a love for those who served and the families that support them. She currently lives in the quaint city of Wake Village, Texas, with her furry roommate, Chincha.

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