Free Me by Beck Grey Blog Tour + Excerpt

Free Me - Beck Grey

Beck Grey has a new queer romance book out (gender-fluid, gay, trans), Love in the Pacific Northwest book 4: Free Me. And there’s a giveaway.

A gender-fluid cutie, a workaholic hottie, and a hookup gone right.


No romantic relationship could ever compete with my dream job. Sure, it gets lonely, but that’s what occasional hookups are for. Work-life balance? Who cares? I certainly don’t. Until chest pains bring me to my knees and land me in the emergency room.

It’s a wake-up call I can’t afford to ignore.

When my well-meaning family encourages me to make some major life changes, like hiring a meditation and physiotherapist, whatever that is, I’m worried enough to agree.

Imagine my surprise when my practitioner turns out to be the hookup I haven’t been able to forget.


What’s a fabulously vivacious gender-fluid beauty to do when stress is high and Prince Charmings aren’t lined up at their door? Head to the club to recharge my sparkle on the dance floor. I have no intention of hooking up with anyone. Hookups are not my thing.


Then I see the slightly older hottie in the Tom Ford suit, and all my self-restraint goes up in a blast of glitter.

When it turns out he’s my new meditation client and my friend’s older brother, I’m sure the universe is messing with me.

Because mixing business with pleasure is a huge no-no.

So why does my heart keep shouting yes?

Free Me is a low-angst, opposites attract, worlds collide, contemporary LGBTQ romance about a hookup gone right. It contains no cheating, and a guaranteed HEA.

Warnings: Transphobia by a member of the LGBTQ community on a member of the community

About the Series:

Turns out, perfection isn’t a prerequisite for happiness.

Whether it’s risking your heart on a hookup, falling for your brother’s best friend, taking that second chance when it arrives, or pursuing a relationship that doesn’t look like everyone else’s — life is complex, but love doesn’t have to be.

Snarky, sweet and spicy, Love in the Pacific Northwest is a first person POV, low-medium angst, open door, contemporary LGBTQ romance series of interconnected standalones. No cheating and a guaranteed HEA every time!

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Free Me meme

I walk out to the bedroom balcony and look down at the patio. Blake is lounging by the pool in swim trunks and sunglasses, reading a book. He looks incredibly relaxed, and it makes my heart happy. “Hey, handsome.” He glances up and his face breaks into a wide grin. Okay, yes, we’ve been together for a few months, but his smile still makes my insides all melty and warm. “You want to come in and eat, or should I bring the food out?”

“Put on a suit and come down. This is my big plan for the day.” He gestures to the pool area and waves his book.

I lean my elbows on the railing and grin down at him. “If you’re trying to seduce me, it’s working.”

“Excellent. Step one in my evil plan is complete. Now come down here. I missed you.”

“Be down in a sec!” I hurry inside, strip out of my work clothes, then lather myself in the sunscreen that smells like coconut. Blake loves the scent, and I love how he nuzzles my neck when I use it. I pull on my tiniest black and white print swim briefs, grab a beach towel from the closet and the food bags from the kitchen counter, and hurry down to the game room and out to the patio. “Should we eat at the table or on the loungers like heathens?”

Blake glances up from his book and his eyes lock on my tiny swimsuit. I do a slow spin, giving him a good view of my ass. “Like?”

He pulls his sunglasses to the end of his nose and peers over them. “That’s new.” His voice is thick with lust. Oh, yeah. Mission accomplished.

“It is! And it’s so adorable!”

Blake licks his lips. “And so tiny.”

“I had a feeling you might like it.” I skip past him to the table and deposit the bags.

Blake practically growls and grabs my hips the moment I put the bags down. “Come here.”

I laugh as he manhandles me, hauling me close and inhaling my skin. He drags his nose across my abdomen and my cock stirs, eager to join in the fun, but my stomach growls with hunger. “Mmm. I’m fully on board with whatever you’re planning here, Darling, but we should eat before the food gets cold.”

Blake bites my hip. “We can heat it up.”

My laugh quickly turns to a gasp as his tongue teases above the edge of my suit. It’s all I can do not to press his head a few inches lower. “Blake, Darling, I have souvlaki and Greek salad.”

He hums and sits back, waggling his eyebrows at me. “You know I love Greek.”

I snort at his double entendre. “As do I, my darling. So let’s eat.” I wink at him. “Then we can eat.”

His chuckle warms every part of me. He pushes to his feet with a sigh. “If we must, we must.”

“We must.” I press up on my tiptoes and pucker up.

He obliges me, but turns my expected quick press of lips into a lingering kiss that curls my toes and has me second-guessing my stance on eating first. As I’m about to give in, he lets me go and pats my backside. “C’mon. Let’s feed you so we can move on to other enjoyable things.”

Author Bio

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Beck is a non-binary writer of sweet, sexy, LGBTQ happily ever afters. Why? Because everyone deserves all the happy! They live in the Northeastern United States with their two adorable dogs.

Weekdays are spent working their day job, but nights and weekends are devoted to writing stories involving hot characters, favorite tropes, and happy endings. Any additional time includes reading, laughing with friends, drinking red wine, and playing D&D. If there’s cake involved at any point it’s a win!

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Here is an Excerpt from Author Beck Grey’s “Free Me”

The pout gets more pronounced as I get closer. They’re obviously resigned to the fact that I’m here, and now taking full advantage. “I’m sick. I feel like poo and my nose is stuffy and won’t stop running, and you’d think that’s not possible, but I’m here to tell you it is.” I hold open my arms, food bags dangling from my fingers, and Stef walks into my embrace, tucking their face into my neck and sniffing. “I can’t even smell you, and that’s so sad. I love the way you smell.”

I kiss the top of their head and carefully close my arms around them. “Well, I brought food and some over-the-counter medicine for your cold. Hopefully, those will do the trick and you’ll be back to smelling me in no time.” 

If they can hear the smile in my voice, they ignore it. “I’m miserable. And hungry. I don’t have the energy to be hangry.”

“Well, let’s go upstairs and I’ll take care of you.”

Stef leans back and looks up at me. “You will?”

“Absolutely. I can’t have you at death’s door.”

They nod. “I am, too. It’s awful.” They turn around and head for their apartment, which saves me the effort of hiding my grin. How can one person be so damned cute?

“So, how long have you been sick?” It’s been a few days since we’ve seen each other, but we’ve been texting and calling, and Stef hadn’t mentioned feeling under the weather.

They sigh dramatically as they fling their apartment door open. “Ages. Two days, I think.” 

Looking around the apartment, I believe them. There are mugs and pots in the sink where it looks like they’ve made soup but not cleaned up. I set the bags of food on the counter and follow Stef into their room. There are tissues all over the floor and more empty mugs and bowls on the side table. Their laptop is in the middle of the bed, a movie paused mid-stream, and a half-eaten bag of lozenges open next to the pillows. Stef flops onto the bed, almost bouncing the laptop onto the floor. I can see I have my work cut out for me. 

I take off my suit jacket and tie and carefully drape them over the sofa. It seems Stef hasn’t made it to this half of the room yet, so they should be safe. I roll up my sleeves and Stef groans. “No! No fair!” They wave at me. “Sleeve rolling!” They flop dramatically back on the pillows. “No being sexy while I’m sick. It’s so unfair.”

I look down at my forearms and laugh. “Excuse me?”

“Sexy forearms!” They sigh again. “Blake, how do you not know about the forearm thing?”

I shrug. “No idea how I missed that. I’m sorry.”

Stef waves a hand in my direction. “Fine. You’re forgiven.” 

They’re bundled in a lump on the bed, complete with fuzzy unicorn slippers poking out at the bottom of the duvet, so I move the laptop to the other side and carefully unwrap them. “How about we eat something and then I’ll run a bath for you?”

The moan Stef makes would be lascivious if they weren’t actually sick. “Blake, you are a god among men.”

“Do you want to eat in the kitchen?”

In lieu of an answer, Stef groans and sits up. I reach to help them, but they stand and lean into me, head on my shoulder. “Thank you. For bringing me food, and medicine, and please don’t look at me too closely.”

I hold them tightly and kiss their forehead, which feels a little warm against my lips. “You’re still gorgeous, just in a real-person kind of way. You’ll always be beautiful to me.”

Stef settles against me. “Really?” 

I nod. “Of course. Stef, you are gorgeous on the outside, but you’re also beautiful on the inside, and in my opinion, that matters more.”

They sniff. “How come I’m only beautiful on the inside?”

“I’m sorry?” 

“There’s a scale. And you said I was gorgeous on the outside and beautiful on the inside.”

They sound like they’re pouting and I bite my lip so I don’t laugh. “Well, I didn’t know there was a scale. If you’ll tell me, I can rephrase using the proper terminology.”

There’s a pause, like they’re thinking it over and then they shrug. “All right. It goes nice, pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, stunning.” 

“Mmm. I see. Well, You’re stunning inside and out.” 

“Pfft. You’re just saying that because I’m sick. I look like heck.” 

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