Misadventure Memoirs Book One: Little Girl Scream by Al E. Boy and F. Carod Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

The young woman running her family’s best hotel finds herself immersed in police investigations as a series of deaths and murders hits the hotel, and with the help of an English professor she must thwart the sinister forces behind these crimes before its too late in the authors F. Carod and Al E. Boy’s “Misadventure Memoirs Book One: Little Girl Scream”.


The Synopsis

Absolutely nothing can compare to the Hotel Amatista, Cancun’s premier luxury resort. The jewel in her family’s chain of 5 star hotels, Sofia Hernández is in charge, and the young woman takes great pride when she hears guests remark the hotel makes them feel like they’ve died and gone to heaven. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s been happening lately, Young guests vanish, only to turn up the next day…abused, tortured…and dead. Sofia suddenly has her hands full dealing with police investigations, trying to ease her guests’ fears, and doing her best to save the Amatista’s reputation. And, with no way of knowing if the sadistic culprit is a hotel employee or a guest, stopping the killings will be no easy task. With the help of Dale Mathis, a visiting English professor, she is able to thwart further abductions and murders, but her interference draw the ire of the sinister mastermind who decides Sofia must pay for her boldness. To make matters even worse, her new friend becomes the number one suspect of the Cancun police.

The Review

The author really did an incredible job of creating a captivating and creepy murder mystery and thriller. For personal context, my first introduction to Al E. Boy was through a children’s Christmas series of books, and so when I got this request to review his new adult thriller series, I was shocked. The chilling cover of the book immediately put me in a creepy vibes type of mood when starting the read, and the chilling opening chapter set the tone for this thriller.

I loved the balance the author found between the more disturbing and shocking horror/serial killer moments of this thriller with the more personal and heartfelt character development, especially between Sofia and Dale, whose friendship develops into something truly inspiring by the book’s end. The mystery is well developed over time and the detailed descriptions brought about a haunting imagery to the writing that will instantly draw horror fans into this thriller.

The Verdict

Gripping, mind-blowing, and entertaining, author Al E. Boy and F. Carod’s “Misadventures Memoirs: Little Girl Scream” is a must-read action/horror thriller and the perfect start to a captivating series. The imagery and haunting tone of the narrative, along with a brilliant narrative that twisted and turned with shocking developments that readers wouldn’t see coming, made for a story that is not to be missed.  Be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Through almost 40 years as a Santa Claus, Al E. Boy developed quite a repertoire of tales to explain and answer the many questions children ask about Santa, the North Pole, his reindeer, and his friends, the elves.

It was this collection of tales which prompted him to begin writing The Adventures of Fawn. Through the young daughter of legendary reindeer Comet and Vixen, he’s been able to weave an exciting, colorful, imaginative world which will delight readers of all ages!

Mr. Boy not only hopes you enjoy these tales, but make reading them part of your Christmas traditions, as well.



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