Wings of Prey (The Gift Legacy Book 6) by J.P. McLean Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A woman must put everything on the line when the mystery of her father’s disappearance finally takes center stage in author J.P. McLean’s “Wings of Prey”, the sixth book in The Gift Legacy series.


The Synopsis

A dead man’s warning. A lost plane wreck. A buried truth.

A dire warning from beyond the grave leaves Emelynn Taylor questioning her loyalties. Did someone she loves commit an unforgivable act of treachery? In her quest for answers, Emelynn opens a painful cold case knowing its resolution could destroy two families.

What she finds tests Emelynn’s integrity as the leadership changes hands within the Tribunal Novem, the powerful body that rules her kind. When confronted with betrayal and lies, Emelynn must follow her moral compass, even if it means losing the man she loves and alienating her Flier friends.

And when the terrible truth is unearthed, Emelynn is set on a collision course with two titans and a battle she can’t possibly win.

The sixth book in The Gift Legacy series, Wings of Prey is a thriller that skirts the edges of reality in a world within our own. Hold on tight and escape the ordinary: take flight with Emelynn Taylor.

The Review

Having followed this series for a few months now, I have been so curious to see how the author would finally address the main character’s backstory with her father’s mysterious plane crash. After several books dealing with the politics of the secret society of Fliers, and the human organization that discovered their identity, it was so refreshing to see the author bring a more personal narrative to balance out the politics and conspiracy that the main character has been facing for so long. It felt like a very “full-circle” moment in the series, and the shocking twists and turns the narrative takes will put everyone Emelynn has come into contact within the hot seat. 

The intense personal journey that Emelynn goes on really stands out to me as a reader. The passion and emotions that she goes through s friendships, relationships, and love interests all come into play in this investigation, and learning the truth behind her father’s disappearance will blow open this entire series. The tension and atmosphere are so well executed as a result of this, and the action feels much more intense and important as each revelation is made.

The Verdict

Harrowing, gripping, and heart-pounding thriller meet fantasy, author J.P. McLean’s “Wings of Prey” is a must-read novel! While the author has crafted a truly brilliant world that fans would love to see visited time and time again, the narrative told here was so perfectly told that if need be this would serve as a great series ending. The twists and turns in this truly personal tale of seeking the truth and the delicate balance between revenge and justice made this one story no one will be able to put down. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

JP (Jo-Anne) McLean writes contemporary fantasy thrillers with a provocative edge. She is best known for The Gift Legacy series. The first book of the series received Honorable Mention at the WhistlerIndependent Book Awards. Reviewers call the series addictive, smart and fun.

Her books include endorsements from Ethel Wilson fiction prize winner, Jennifer Manuel, and Globe and Mail bestselling author,Elinor Florence, among others. The series has been described as fantasy light and is a good introduction to the genre for the uninitiated.

Jo-Anne neglects the gardens and housework to write full time from her home on Denman Island, off of Canada’s west coast. She writes best when she’s within sight and sound of water, even if it’s just a fountain, and hopes never to stop reading, writing or imagining the impossible.

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