I hope you guys had a fun and safe Thanksgiving. In the spirit of Black Friday, I wanted to share with you guys that on @amazonkindle now, four of my books are free from now until November 30th. The books are:
I Was a Teenage Killer Bedtime Strange Perceptions Nightmare Wars Book One: Arrival Make sure to go to @amazon and search for my name, and from there look for any of the above books and download for free in any countries Amazon site! All I ask is you share the giveaway with others, leave a review of whichever book(s) you read, and if you enjoy them maybe pick up any of my other books, (Kindle or Paperback), this holiday season. Thanks guys, and enjoy your free books today! #book #bookpromo #bookgiveaway #free #freebooks #amazon #amazonkindle #amazongiveaway #kindlegiveaway #blackfriday #blackfriday2015 #blackfridaysale #holiday #holidaysale

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