Mistress of the Rock (The Cyprus Mysteries Book 1) by Myron Edwards Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A veteran of the Gulf War returns to the island of Cyprus where his nightmares began in an attempt to rid himself of that nightmare once and for all, only to discover the line between mythology and reality is not as solid as he thought in author Myron Edwards’s “Mistress of the Rock”, the first book in the Cyprus Mysteries series. 


The Synopsis

All is fair in love and war. Or is it?

For Richard Cole, ex-veteran of the First Gulf War, the memories of conflict have become the nightmares of his reality, and only by confronting them can he begin to live again.

He returns to the Island of Cyprus some twenty years later to where it all began, for a vacation with his wife, Julie. But a chance discovery places him in a dilemma, as he learns that Greek Gods and mortals should never mix.

Now, with Richard powerless to stop the momentum of a phenomenon that tests him to his limits, challenging all that he knows and loves against a fantasy of myth and legend, he must struggle to find the truth between what is real and what is not; but at what cost?

On the island of love, one man’s obsession turns to possession, as his mind, body, and soul are trapped between two worlds and two women.

‘Mistress of the Rock is a very possessive spirit; she does not give her affections lightly.’ As Richard Cole is about to discover.

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The Review

This was a fascinating and gripping fantasy read. The balance the author struck in the buildup of Richard’s character arc and the fantasy-driven Greek mythology aspects of the narrative were superb, and the detail the author put into the everyday life of Richard really made the reader feel the relatability of the character. 

The imagery and the atmosphere made the story really come to life on the page. The author’s writing style allowed the pacing to build up slowly and capture the shock and awe that comes with discovering the realities of the existence of the Greek gods. The larger-than-life battles with the gods themselves and the themes of love, betrayal, and passion perfectly reflected the internal battle within Richard as a character and made the reader become really invested in the arc of his story. 

The Verdict

Memorable, heartfelt, and captivating, author Myron Edwards’s “Mistress of the Rock” is a must-read fantasy novel. Infused with elements of horror, adventure, and intrigue, the author not only delves into the impacts of war on those who were forced to fight in them but the power of mythology and how we relate to it as well. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Born in 1952 in Orsett, Essex in England, the youngest son to Welsh parents Iris and Bill Edwards. Upon leaving school, he went into the travel industry, where he travelled the world, working in travel agencies, tour operators and airlines for some 30 years. In 1976 Myron began freelance writing for BBC, radio and television, his credits include the Two Ronnies, Week Endings, and the News Huddlines. In 1980, he joined JWT advertising, as a copywriter writing his first TV commercial for dog food inside 10 days. His love for the creative never left him and in 1987 he created Tubewalking, a new map concept, to help people get around London easier on foot, which still operates today. In 1990 he married Niki, whose family background is Greek Cypriot. On a family trip to Cyprus, visiting Aphrodite’s Rock for the first time, the beginnings of his passion to write the story of Mistress of the Rock came into fruition. Moving his family in 2005 to Cyprus to live, gave him the opportunity to write, as during this time he worked on campaigns for TV and Radio in an advertising agency in Limassol. The first manuscript of the book was completed in 2007, released by a local publisher it had a limited audience, but was well received by those who had read it. He has now completed the sequel and is working on the third part of this story. Myron has three children, two sons and one daughter all grown up.


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