The Learn-It-All Leader: Mindset, Traits and Tools by Damon Lembi Review

I received a free copy if this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author Damon Lembi shares the secret behind the success of leaders who embrace the journey and learn the ways of becoming a successful leader for their company in the book “The Learn-It-All Leader: Mindset, Traits and Tools”.


The Synopsis

Great leaders aren’t born. They’re not made, either. 

They’re in the making. 

They’re constantly creating and re-creating themselves, their companies, and their leadership.

Too often, the bottom line in business is valued more than the journey endured to get there. But the journey is where real growth occurs. It’s where lifelong learners reap the benefit of vital lessons, students thrive, and scholars stall out. It’s where leaders distinguish themselves from managers and progress is more valuable than achievement.

If you’re a learn-it-all leader, you embrace the journey because there you become exceptional.

In The Learn-It-All Leader, Learnit CEO Damon Lembi shares:

  • How being a “Learn-it-All” vs “Know-it-All will set you up for success and get you invited to more happy hours!
  • A three-step approach to overcoming imposter syndrome
  • How to use Purposeful Awfulizing to overcome fear and build resilience
  • Discover why treating your employees as a team rather than as family can lead to greater success
  • Why you should choose potential over experience in the hiring process
  • Learn what “Trust Tax” is and why it’s worth paying
  • How a leader’s personal model of integrity is crucial to creating trust and a thriving workplace
  • A proven model for building great teams
  • How implementing a culture of continuous learning & professional development helps attract & retain talent
  • Why you should focus on elevating strengths over improving weaknesses

With entertaining anecdotes and inspirational examples, The Learn-It-All Leader is a compelling guide to being your best and playing to winevery time.

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The Review

This was an incredibly well-written and captivating read. The author does an amazing job early on in establishing a personal connection with the reader with an intimate writing style while also demonstrating authority and expertise in the subject matter through the detailed guide and knowledge the book imparts to the reader. The applications of the author’s work to both real-life situations and business as a whole were great to see illustrated in the author’s writing.

For me, the heart of this narrative came down to the difference established between managers and leaders, and the concept of an ever-evolving growth in becoming a leader. The way author dives into the different ways in which people learn, and how those who take a more scholarly approach and can use the lessons taught in school in their everyday life make great managers, while great leaders are always learning and growing and the world is their classroom, so to speak. The emphasis put on learning on a consistent level throughout one’s life and career was so inspiring, as it gives everyone a fair and hopeful chance at improving their life and becoming more than what the world says they should be, and the applications for these lessons in a more business sense were well developed.

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The Verdict

Memorable, educational, and inspiring, author Damon Lembi’s “The Learn-It-All Leader: Mindset, Traits and Tools” is a must-read nonfiction book on business and growth as a leader. The straightforward and honest writing style and the impact of the author’s lessons and experiences will give readers the boost of hope and confidence they need to absorb not only the author’s information, but the lessons life has to teach us all in the years ahead of us. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Damon Lembi is CEO of Learnit, a global leader in corporate training solutions that has upskilled more than 1.8 million professionals in the past twenty-seven years. Damon lives in the San Francisco Bay Area and loves books, live music, and above all, spending time with his wife, Cara Mia; their two kids, Luciana and Walter; and Pablo the Puggle.


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