Your Identity in Christ: Who You Are and Whose You Are by Robin Revis Pyke, Ph.D. Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author and Christian Life Coach Robin Revis Pyke, Ph.D., shares with readers the guidance and devotional they need to find the path of self-discovery through the Biblical teachings of Christianity to be their best selves in the book “Your Identity in Christ: Who You Are and Whose You Are”.


The Synopsis

At some point in their lives, many women may question who they are meant to be or their purpose in life. While struggling with identity, women are often surrounded by messages telling them who they should be or what they should believe in based on the thoughts and opinions of others. But this is not who God says we are, and the world’s values are not up to God’s standards or what He expects of us.

In a thirty-one day devotional, Christian life coach and mentor, Dr. Robin Revis Pyke, leads women down an introspective path of self-discovery inspired by lasting biblical truths. While encouraging women to embrace God’s Word and promises, she offers daily inspiration that guides overwhelmed female souls to understand their true identity in Christ through a powerful message of hope that we are all loved, accepted, and chosen. Included are reflection and study questions that can also be utilized as journal prompts.

Your Identity in Christ is a thirty-one day devotional that takes women on a spiritual journey to understand and embrace their identities as beautiful, valuable daughters of God. helping independents – whether authors, publishers, musicians, filmmakers, or small businesses – bring their creative efforts to the marketplace.

The Review

This was an engaging and thoughtful read for Christian and faith-based readers. The author does an incredible job of crafting a guide that is straightforward yet deep-thinking, giving readers time to contemplate and reflect on their lives and how it relates to their faith at the same time. The empathy and kindness that the author’s voice comes through in the writing are truly wonderful to see and provide a great environment for self-reflection.

To me, the heart of this book rested in the strong themes that this book put together in the guide, especially that of being true to yourself and not to the ideals society expects of you. While the author’s message rings true for those who are religious and is definitely geared towards women of that faith, the message overall can apply to everyone, giving women a chance to ignore the trends and expectations that are placed on them by an oftentimes unforgiving society and instead be the person they feel they truly are, which is a message everyone should hear. 

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The Verdict

Memorable, thoughtful, and engaging, author Robin Revis Pyke, Ph.D.’s “Your Identity in Christ” is a must-read nonfiction self-help and Christian women’s book that faith-readers will not want to put down. The depth of information and guidance will be a welcome delight for readers as they seek to balance their life with the expectations of their faith and God. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Robin is a Certified Christian Life Coach and Mentor focusing on spiritual formation. She has fervently served as a mentor for more than 20 years. Robin is passionate about her mission: Biblical mentorship, Biblical leadership, and Biblical fellowship. She is the founder of the Reflecting Life Community, an online community for faith-filled women. A platform for sharing stories and experiences, and learning from one another through inspired connection and conversation.

Upon her enrollment at Trinity International University, Robin fell in love with the study of God’s Word. She continued her graduate education at Barry University with her research focus on the benefits of mentoring, where she received her Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership and Education. Robin is a certified Christian Life Coach and received certification in Women’s Christian Leadership. She is currently pursuing a certification in Bible Studies and Theology at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In addition to her published research, The Benefits of Mentoring, her publications also include Leadership Lessons from Women of the Bible: 5-day devotional and The Beatitudes: A 5-day journaling reflection. She is preparing to launch her newest publication, Your Identity in Christ: Who You Are and Whose You Are 31-day devotional in early 2023.

A Florida native, Robin lives in Central Florida with her husband, Scott, and her small Yorkie aRLo. When she is not spending time with her family, Robin spends her time writing, speaking, teaching, and mentoring both contemporaries and students worldwide.


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