Teddy Gets Adopted (The Adventures of Teddy) by Christine Milkovic Krauss Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A young lonely kitten goes on a journey to find his family in author Christine Milkovic Krauss’s “Teddy Gets Adopted”, the latest entry in the Adventures of Teddy children’s book series.

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The Synopsis

Teddy Gets Adopted is the third book in the series. In this story, Teddy experiences feelings of loss and lonliness but he purr-severes through hard times, never giving up hope. Follow Teddy’s journey across Canada while he meets helpers and heroes along the way.

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The Review

This was a heartwarming and emotional read. The author does an incredible job of creating a story that is lighthearted enough to draw younger readers in and yet insightful enough for the children to gain genuine empathy and emotion from the story of Teddy and his journey. The inspiration for the story is a true draw for readers, as the reality of this protagonist’s being a real-life cat adds an authenticity that children appreciate in the context of this story. 

The balance of warmth in the illustrations and the engaging story the author tells were the biggest draws of the book. The way the author was able to naturally infuse the organizations and work that those organizations do to help pets and animals of all kinds find homes and help was great to see come to life in the context of the story, and the artwork provided both entertainment and an emotional pull that parents and children alike will genuinely appreciate.

The Verdict

Memorable, authentically written, and engaging, author Christine Milkovic Krauss’s “Teddy Gets Adopted” is a masterful children’s book and a great addition to The Adventures of Teddy series! The fast-paced narrative and depth of connection the story and artwork have to the reader as they move through the narrative will create a unique bonding experience between children and their parents, and help educate people on the need for adoption and helping animals when we can. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Everybody has a story. More importantly; every person is deserving of friendship, kindness and acceptance. Teddy Loses His Ears is a non-fiction story about my real life rescue cat who lost his ears to frostbite while being homeless in negative 50 degree temperatures in central Canada.

All of the books in the Teddy series will highlight educational points about pet care, support inclusivity and celebrate being different together. Teddy Loses His Ears is the introduction book to the series and touches on self esteem and disability awareness. Each illustration in the story is hand painted and even has a Teddy’s favourite toy hidden on every page for children to find! This story was created to raise awareness for rescue organizations and promote, adopt vs shop, to find your purr-fect family pet.

In addition to being a pet lover and cat mom, I am also a mom of two primary school aged children.

These books could never have come to life without their inspiration, a tribe of supportive humans and of course, Book Club. 



About the Illustrator

I am a full time nursing student hoping to one day work in neonatal intensive care. I have a passion for all things art and creativity. I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, but only ever created things for family and friends. At the start of the pandemic, I decided to start selling my paintings and handmade greeting cards. It was through this that I was connected with Christine and fell in love with Teddy’s story. Each of these pages are painted by hand with acrylic paint, something not often done in book illustrations anymore, which echoes the uniqueness of Teddy. I am excited to help share more of his adventures and stories!



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