Are You a Bird Like Me? By Noel Foy and Nicholas Roberto (Illustrated by Colleen Sgroi) Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A young bird discovers a whole world outside of her nest after she falls out of it and must work together with other new friends to find her parents and finally take flight in authors Noel Foy and Nicholas Roberto’s “Are you a Bird like Me?”, illustrated by Colleen Sgroi. 


The Synopsis

Meet Sky, a newly hatched bird who believes her nest is the “whole entire world” — until she falls out of it!

Unable to fly, Sky sets out to find her parents. Along the way, she makes unexpected friendships and discovers a fascinating world beyond her nest. Will Sky and her new friends band together and combine their unique skills so she can return home and ultimately take flight?

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Adventure with Sky as she learns valuable lessons about courage, perseverance and the amazing things that can happen by working together. The teamwork shown by Sky and her friends inspires readers to believe in themselves and embrace the idea that differences aren’t dividers but ways to contribute to a common goal.

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The Review

When I was a child, one of my fondest memories with my mother was when we watched the Land Before Time together. This animated film showcases a group of young dinosaurs separated from their parents who must journey together to find them and build a special bond between them. It showcased the power of coming together as a group no matter what our differences may be. The author did a fantastic job capturing that same theme and emotion in this book. The heartwarming story of this young bird and the adventure they go on to discover a way of getting home hit all of the heartstrings and made for a brilliant reading experience.

The story was made so special because of the unique balance between the author’s positive and inspiring writing with warmth and thoughtfulness in the illustrations. The theme of group dynamics, cooperation, and embracing our differences in a collective environment made this both an educational and engaging story for children and parents alike, while the illustrations brought out the childlike wonder and entertainment that children will be drawn to in this narrative.

The Verdict

Emotionally driven, insightful, and joyful in its approach, authors Noel Foy and Nicholas Roberto’s “Are You A Bird Like Me?” is a must-read children’s book and beautifully illustrated by Colleen Sgroi. The heartfelt delivery of this story and the inspiring themes the author explores will give future generations a story that celebrates the uniqueness and joy of making friends with people outside of your own unique circle. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Authors

A recipient of the gold Mom’s Choice Award® and silver Feathered Quill Award, Noel is an anxiety coach and educational consultant. She specializes in workshops and one-on-one coaching for kids and adults on anxiety/stress, executive function and growth mindset. One of Noel’s greatest satisfactions is to teach individuals how to rewire their brains, so they can stress less, work smarter and enjoy more out of life. It gives her tremendous joy to help others develop new skills and experience success in situations/areas they didn’t think possible.

Noel finds storytelling an approachable and playful way to tackle complex topics. Her characters demonstrate problem-solving, courage, teamwork, kindness, perseverance, diversity and the will to face fears.

When Noel isn’t writing, reading or working with clients, you will find her paddle boarding, kayaking or biking. She likes corny jokes and enjoys baking and cooking for family and friends.

A first-time published author, Nicholas began writing children’s books shortly after the birth of his daughter. His stories allow young readers to explore important, complex and challenging topics in a fun, kid-friendly way. He also enjoys writing music, eating ice cream, and coming home to his family after a long day of fly fishing.

Colleen dreamed of being an artist since she was a young girl. Her work is available world-wide on puzzles, calendars, prints and greeting cards, and her art has been included in films by major motion picture companies. Her illustrations in children’s books have earned her a Moonbeam Best Illustrator Award and delight children everywhere. She teaches watercolor classes, inspiring others to find their own creativity. She loves to read, paint, walk in nature, and enjoys time with family and friends.

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