Enlightened Dog Training: Become the Peaceful Alpha Your Dog Needs and Respects by Jesse Sternberg Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author and dog trainer Jesse Sternberg offers advice, teachings, and instruction in how pet parents and owners can strengthen their bond with their beloved pets and gain a better understanding of the animal kingdom’s language in order to become the alpha your dog needs in life in the book “Enlightened Dog Training: Become the Peaceful Alpha Your Dog Needs and Respects”.

The Synopsis

A complete guide to raising and relating to your pet in a mindful way that leads to calm, intuitively-obedient dogs 

• Reveals the principles of the secret language of the animal kingdom to help you communicate with your pet and read their signals

• Offers cutting-edge, unique solutions to everyday canine problems by looking at behavioral issues through the lens of your pet’s emotions

• Shares training exercises and powerful meditative practices to do with your pet as well as on your own to help soothe anxiety, overcome aggression issues, and transform tension into harmony

Are you aware of the body signals through which your dog shares his or her perspective of the world with you? Understanding the language of your pet allows you to communicate better and naturally transform your dog into a calm, relaxed companion for life.

In this guide, meditation teacher and dog trainer Jesse Sternberg reveals the principles of the secret language of the animal kingdom and offers commonsense yet unique solutions to everyday canine behavioral problems. Using case studies that resonate with every pet owner and dog lover, he explains how most of our pets’ issues arise from intense feelings caused by the environment, ourselves, or prior conditioning and how these emotions are acted out by the dog.

Combining mindfulness teachings with animal psychology, Jesse suggests training exercises and powerful meditative practices to do with your pet as well as on your own to help build a calm and peaceful mindset for both your dog and yourself, so eventually you will find yourselves aligned and able to gracefully master even unexpected situations. Enlightened Dog Training offers unique training techniques for soothing anxiety, healing neuroses, overcoming aggression issues, and transforming tension into harmony. Communicate nonverbally with your dog using the signals dogs use with each other and address problems with leash training and guarding resources and territory.

Helping you cultivate empathy, awareness, and confidence to become the peaceful alpha your dog craves, this guide shows how to strengthen your human-animal bond, communicate with actions, and command with respect and love.


The Review

This was a truly thought-provoking and engaging read. The author perfectly balanced the book with memoir-style storytelling of his personal experiences with his own pet with the teachings and instructions that these experiences gained him and that he has imparted onto the reader. The descriptive nature of the author’s writing really helped visualize the steps the author mentions in this read and helps illustrate the mindset that readers should take with this subject.

What was so fascinating to me was the genre of this nonfiction read overall. As a lifelong pet parent and lover of animals in general, it was incredible to listen to the author’s insights into the relationship between humanity and their canine companions, as well as the way these majestic creatures communicate with each other and us as well. 

The Verdict

A brilliant, thoughtful, and highly educational read, author Jesse Sternberg’s “Enlightened Dog Training” is a must-read nonfiction book for pet parents and animal enthusiasts this fall. With the pandemic forcing many people to stay home far more often than before, and the everyday routine with our pets changing along with it, it is so insightful to see the author’s perspective on dog training, parenting, and developing that bond between each other in this quick and engaging read. If you haven’t yet, preorder or grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Jesse Sternberg is a mindfulness teacher, meditation instructor, and master dog trainer. The founder of the Peaceful Alpha Project, he has been working with animals for more than 30 years. Jesse lives in Toronto, Canada.






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