Year of the What? By Jennifer Lieberman Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A young woman reeling from a romantic betrayal finds herself ditching her “good girl” lifestyle and instead going on an adventure of sexual discovery in author Jennifer Lieberman’s “Year of the What?”. 


The Synopsis

Dana has only been with one man and hasn’t given herself a chance to explore her own curiosity. She feels ashamed of her desires, and keeps trying to squash them in order to be a ‘good girl’. Her roommate, Kelly, on the other hand, has none of Dana’s hang-ups.

Kelly is unabashedly promiscuous, with an off the charts IQ and a full ride to NYU. But Kelly can’t stand the monotony of school, so she drops out to become a dominatrix and pursue an alternative lifestyle where she makes ‘lawyer money’ working in a dungeon in Chelsea.

After months of searching in vain for Mr. Right, Kelly’s lust for life and insatiable quest for adventure finally rub off…Dana embarks on an outrageous adventure of sexual discovery where she finds her inner power and confidence, all while taking charge of her erotic exploration. Through her exploits Dana realizes she will never find what she is looking for, until she finds herself.

The Review

I absolutely loved this novel! This coming-of-age, adult-oriented women’s fiction novel pushes the envelope in the best way possible. The narrative explores the theme of female sexuality and allowing readers to glimpse a much-needed story that shows women being free to explore their own sexuality freely without judgment that often overtakes our society’s view on women and sex. 

The balance of character development and humor is what really sells this novel’s story. The protagonist, Dana, is not only someone that a lot of readers can identify with, but her bond with her more free and sexual friend Kelly and the various men and women she meets throughout her sexual journey really felt both funny and relatable. The panic and fear that comes from not having had any sexual exploration before are felt early on in this novel, and the openness for which Dana frees herself to explore more really felt like a triumph that overcame the sexual judgment so many have placed on our society.

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The Verdict

A masterful, sensual, and humorously entertaining read, author Jennifer Lieberman’s “Year of the What?”, is a must-read novel of 2021! The character growth and humor really draw the reader in, and the overall theme of female sexuality and freedom really made this story feel both relevant and innovative in the face of a history of male sexual oppression. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Jennifer Lieberman is from Maple, Ontario, Canada and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from York University in Toronto. Jennifer has appeared in over thirty stage productions in Toronto, New York City, Los Angeles, Europe and Australia; including her Award-Winning Solo Show Year of the Slut, which was adapted into to novel “Year of the What?” In addition to her performance career she has penned a number of screen and stage plays including the wacky web-series “Dumpwater Divas” and the short films “Leash” and “Details” which both screened at the Festival De Cannes’ Court Métrage among other international film festivals. Other books by Jennifer include “Make Your Own Break: How To Master Your Virtual Meeting in Seven Simple Steps” and “Make Your Own Break: How To Record & Publish Your Audiobook In Seven Simple Steps.”


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