Genex of Halcyon by Joshua Stelling Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A future where machines have taken over and humanity is immersed into technology and genetically altered beings clashes with some of mankind’s most difficult issues in author Joshua Stelling’s novel “Genex of Halcyon”. 


The Synopsis

“Something special and unique in its genre. Worth reading the first time and even worth revisiting to explore its complex, fresh ideas.” “In the dystopian genre, this can be a difficult line to walk, but Stelling does it masterfully.” “[The] writing in this book is beautiful.” — Steph Huddleston, The Independent Book Review

“Atmospheric and lyrical, telling the story like it took place in a dream without slowing the pace or dulling the storyline.” — Jennia Ahava, Blogger

In this near-future utopia, in Halcyon all are free. People with wings fly alongside skyline railcars, between the towers. They are more than what we’ve known as human, the next stage of our evolution. Amid the psychic computers and genetic freaks, competitive laser sports and mindless bots, runs a love triangle stronger than death itself. Over these three nights in 2051, Harmony and Azad must find their way through misfits and prophets, blood and tears, to new horizons. Their fate, in the time of climate change, in the afterglow of the rise of machines, is entwined with the world.

The Review

A beautifully written artistic approach to the sci-fi genre, author Joshua Stelling has done an amazing job creating a futuristic society that perfectly comments on the issues we face in our own modern era. The author does an amazing job of creating a society built on technology and showcasing how technology can be beneficial in a lot of ways, yet will always keep humanity from living to their fullest potential if they rely too heavily on it. 

The story allows readers to see the age old question of how we deal with love and grief in the face of tragedy. No matter how much technology grows and our own genetics evolve, the world is still full of painful memories and events that can’t be fixed by technology. 

The Verdict

An artistic and creative voice paints a vivid image of the future with author Joshua Stelling’s novel “Genex of Halcyon”. The novel does an excellent job of pushing boundaries and the limits of the sci-fi genre to all new heights in a read that is evenly paced and will have readers thinking critically about love, loss, and the experience of real life versus life through technology. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Joshua Stelling is a poet and music lover who has spent a lot of his time running record stores around Denver, building his own art on the side. In time, the stories inside the man have boiled over, becoming worlds, and his pages turned into books. Combining hard sci-fi and adult fiction with a fluent love of metaphor and poetry, his work will challenge you but leave you wanting more.


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