Runnin Buddies: (Based on a True Story, Vol I of V) by Josh Holliday | REVIEW

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Trigger Warning: This is an adult level book. Drug use, as well as some triggering sexual encounters and subject matter is involved in the book. The author has made clear he does not support drug use or the actions herein, but told the story as events occurred. If situations like this trigger you, be warned.

A tale of two young friends lost in a world of petty crimes, drugs and dangerous adventures take center stage in author Josh Holliday’s Runnin Buddies: (Based on a True Story, Vol I of V). Here’s a quick synopsis:

The gripping story of two young adventurers just out of high school in the 1960’s. Drugs are rampant in society in California. Follow them as they barely escape drug deals, confrontations with the police, smuggling across the International Border with Mexico, a risky trip into Arizona, and the final “Bust” at the Mexican border. Your eyes will bulge at some of the true adventures they skated though. Several times they barely escaped death. Based on true lives lived in this book I of V Books, a Series.

The author completely enraptured me with the tales of friends Roby and Roger. As a Southern California resident myself, I could perfectly imagine the chaos and drug fueled life these two led while living and traveling in the area. This book does an excellent job of exploring not only the affects drugs had on the two men, but the various ways this era of history produced some of the issues we still face in this world. From misogony and rampant drug use and addiction to spiking drinks, smuggling and drug deals gone wrong, this book has it all.

The one thing I would recommend for the author would be to be careful of formatting issues. At certain points the story would suddenly shift into dialogue or continue onto a new part of the story without any punctuation to indicate the shift. It’s a minor thing but some readers who focus on technical aspects may notice this throughout the story. However it wasn’t enough to take me completely out of the story. The author was spectacular at showing the lines these two crossed, and the adventures they went on in their drug fueled lives. The author also explores very dark topics that rose as a result of this era of drugs, such as sexual situations that would be appalling in our day and age, but sadly were an everyday part of life in the 60’s and beyond. The author gets inside the mind of someone so lost into this drug fueled state that they rationalize their actions at every turn, leading to some tough and very adult subject matter. It’s written with honesty and gut wrenching detail, bringing to light the mindset and era that defined the lives of so many, and the causes we as a society are now taking up to stop those same practices from repeating themselves today and in the future.

Overall this was an informative, mind blowing look into the 60’s era California drug scene and those caught in it’s addictive embrace. While the subject matter can be tough and difficult to read at times, the importance of learning from the past and exploring the roads that led to these events is important as we move forward as a society, so that we may learn to identify the problems of the past and create a brighter future. It was an engaging tale that has me interested to learn more about the adventures of these two men and how they came out the other side, and whether or not they were able to leave behind that life once and for all. As the first in a series, this book did a great job hooking the reader, and explored this era with detail and attention that it so rightfully needed. If you enjoy adult looks at historical eras and how the drug epidemic impacted the lives of so many in the past, then be sure to grab your copy of author Josh Holliday’s Runnin Buddies: (Based on a True Story, Vol I of V) today!

Rating: 8/10

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