The Writer’s Corner (Hire Me)


If you are in need of top quality creative writing from a well established writer and self-published author for your website, blog or book, or if you are seeking a professional proofreader for your next project, then you are in the right place. Contact me immediately to discuss your creative writing needs now!

I am an accomplished freelance writer for the popular website TheGamer, ScreenRant and CBR, with nearly 10 million views in less than a year.

I am an associate editor and freelance writer for the online publication On Request Magazine. I also help run the social media side of the publication.

I have been a self-published author since 2010, with several books of mine earning 4-5 star ratings on Amazon and Goodreads.

I have been a featured author on several online publications from the hit publishing house The Siren’s Call eZine.

Quality Service

When you decide to work with me and my website, you guarantee a professional working relationship that works towards your needs. Not only do I always work to make sure you get the post or piece of writing you want, but I always write in such a way that my work is more positive than negative. Negative writing doesn’t serve to help anyone, as I believe in positive reinforcement with my opinion pieces and reviews of other’s works. I will always bring that same level of positive thinking and hard work to the project you bring to me.

Social Media Experience

On top of my own website, I will also share the post and/or writing project you task me with on all my social media sites. This include over 700 people on my Facebook page, nearly 2K followers on Twitter, nearly 800 followers on Instagram, and so much more. Your writing project is important to me as well, and I will promote it as much (or as little depending on what your project is) as you want.

Writing Expertise

In order to fully help you determine whether or not we are a good fit together and in order to ensure you get the best quality product out of hiring me, I will only work on subjects I am well versed in. This includes the areas of video games, books, television, film, music, writing, photography, pet ownership and videography. These are my areas of expertise here. Need a list article on what games are rumored to be at E3 2018? I’m your guy. Want an opinion piece on how the Marvel Cinematic Universe can help you as a writer? I can do that. Want a review of a photo or video editing app or product? I can do that as well. I also offer my services as an author, and can write a short story, poem, flash fiction piece or novel to be featured on your website if that is what you so desire. I have an official newsletter that new subscribers can sign up for and receive a free short story for, and this should perfectly showcase my expertise in the field of creative writing.

Payment Options For My Own Writing Work

All payment goes through PayPal. Details will be arranged once initial contact is made.

Payment For Reviews/Blog Tours/Book Promotion/Etc


Promotional Services

I am now offering promotional services on my website as well. As an indie author I understand how difficult it can be to promote your books yourself, and as someone who has been working full-time as a book blogger, I also understand the impact reviews, social media posts, and an online presence can have on a book’s success. Therefore I am now offering several different promotional services on my website.


Expedited Reviews


less than 200 pages: $10

200-300 pages: $15

300-400 pages: $20

400-500 pages: $25

over 500: negotiable depending on length


less than 200 pages: $15

200-300 pages: $20

300-400 pages: $30

400-500 pages: $40

over 500: negotiable depending on length


less than 200 pages: $20

200-300 pages: $30

300-400 pages: $40

400-500 pages: $50

over 500: negotiable depending on length

FULL SERIES (4 OR MORE, $5 per additional book):

less than 200 pages: $30

200-300 pages: $40

300-400 pages: $50

400-500 pages: $60

over 500: negotiable depending on length




1 Week of Social Media Blasts Every Day (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram once a day): $25

2 Weeks of Social Media Blasts Every Day (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram once a day): $50

3 Weeks of Social Media Blasts Every Day (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram once a day): $75

1 Month of Social Media Blasts Every Day (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram once a day): $100

Press Release: $50

Electronic Press Kit (EPK):

$150 (this includes an author photo, author bio (written by you or me depending on what you prefer), a press release, a chapter of your book, interview Q&A’s and some sample book reviews along with any relevant links or contact info)

Monthly Newsletter:

$150 (Includes design of and sending out of email each month to newsletter recipients)

Social Media Set-Up and Handling:

$150 a month. (I’ll set up a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram for you. I will run it for as long as you like, and when the time comes and you no longer need me to handle the social media for you, I will send you all of the relevant sign-in info and recommend you change the password so that there is no confusion that you now fully run the social media pages yourself. 

We would want to organize it a couple of months in advance at least, and the tour would include a certain number of stops depending on the package you decided on. Each stop would include a book review, pre-prepared Author Q&A (I’d have the bloggers send questions ahead of time for you to answer), a possible guest post written by you if they chose that option, and social media blast on the day of their post. I would also coordinate the tour, email the participants the night before to make sure the posts are going live, and share each day’s tour stops on my own social media sites. The packages are:

Blog Tour:

1 Week, 5-10 Stops: $75

1 Week, 10-15 Stops: $125

1 Week or 1 Month Tour, 15-20 Tour Stops: $175

1 Week or 1 Month, 20-25 Stops: $225

1 Week-2 Month Blog Tour, Over 25+ Stops: $300

Do-Follow Link Placement on Existing Post: $150

Sponsored Post for Pre-Made Post: $100

Sponsored Post for Original Content Provided by Me to Include Links/Information Provided by You: $120





$.25 PER WORD FOR Projects 10K Words or More, Flat Rate of $2000 for Projects Between 5K-10K Words, Flat Rate of $500 For 5K Words or fewer Projects.




$10 For Projects Under 10K Words, $20 For Projects Under 30K, $50 For 50K Words Or Less, and $100 For Projects Over 50K.

2 thoughts on “The Writer’s Corner (Hire Me)

    1. authoranthonyavinablog Post author

      Hi there! Thank you for reaching out to me. It is a genuine pleasure to meet you. I’d be happy to work with you on promoting and reviewing your book. I have reviewed several romantic contemporary genre books over the years and love to read in that genre. I have both free and paid services available to authors on my website, depending on what they are interested in, what their budgets are and what kind of time-table they are on for their books. I’d be happy to discuss all the options with you. Since you wrote to me on my Hire Me page I’m sure you’ve seen many of the options available to you. If you’d like to discuss specifics about your book and what services I can provide for your novel, feel free to send me an email at and I’ll be happy to discuss that with you. I look forward to hearing back from you and hope you have a wonderful day.



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