Where We Stand: Avina Vlogs Hello citizens of Avina Vlogs! This is your host, author Anthony Avina, and I am writing this post today because recently YouTube relaunched their Creator Hub and along with that their benefits levels. In essence, this shows us where we as creators stand within the community thus far, and gives […]

YouTube Goals: Hey everyone. This is your friendly neighborhood author Anthony Avina here, and I wanted to write this more personal blog post regarding what it is exactly I envision for my YouTube channel. When I first began the channel, I was about 10X more shy than I am now. I did it to connect […]

Really Professional Internet Person by Jenn McAllister Review For some, the internet can be a scary place, filled with unknown danger. Yet those who know how to use it responsibly and practice safe uses of that same internet can utilize this incredible tool can realize their dreams. There is something so refreshing about reading thestory […]