On Request Magazine’s First Impressions: E3 2014 Day 1

Looking to capitalize on the release of the next generation of consoles released in the last year, the gaming industry held it’s breath as it waited to see what was in store from the leading brands on Day 1 of E3 2014. As always, fans and industry experts alike were not disappointed. For once, each company had a solid performance during their exhibits and presentations, and in the first day many were given a glimpse into the future of gaming. Here were some of the standouts from Day 1.

1) Sunset Overdrive: From Insomniac Games, the creators of Ratchet and Clank, comes a brand new whacky game filled with the same level of humor, action, and destruction we’ve all come to know and love. During Microsoft’s presentation, we were all given a look into the spectacular world of Sunset Overdrive. Filled with insane new weapons, a city torn by warring factions and monstrous mutants, and a foul-mouthed yet loveable hero who specializes in kicking ass and having a boastful personality, this game looks like a breakout hit for Insomniac Games, and is something fans should watch out for in the near future.

2) Assassins Creed Unity was one of Ubisoft’s biggest hits at E3. Showcasing multiplayer, Co-Op, and Single player gameplay along with a new trailer, the game focused on the new setting, the French Revolution. The bloody war in France was depicted perfectly in the trailer, and the updated engine, gameplay mechanics and stunning visuals made it one of our top games of E3 on day 1.

3) Batman: Arkham Knight: Although delayed until 2015, Batman made his presence known at E3 this year, showcasing some amazing gameplay footage that revealed the destruction of Gotham, a hint at some of the powerful forces of the mysterious Arkham Knight and his army, the return of villains such as Penguin and Scarecrow, and the most amazing part of the presentation, the new Batmobile gameplay, where you can drive along the streets of Gotham, use the vehicle as a car or a tank, and then can instantly eject Batman out of the car, sending him flying over the Gotham skies. The footage was amazing, and with the extra time given to the release of the game, one can only imagine the powerful mechanics yet to be shown in this game.

4) Avenged Sevenfold Developing an indie game titled Hail to the King: Deathbat. The game will feature artwork, songs, and more from the band itself. The game is funded by the band, and is an indie game in every sense of the word. Exploring a world where you must fight for control of your land, the game seems to show that a band can make a bad ass game just as well as any big developer.

5) The Order: 1866 showcased some amazing gameplay footage, in which you traversed some sort of asylum or hospital, and came across a hellish creature you had to fight off, or just survive. While the trailer was only a few minutes, viewers were given a glimpse into the non-stop action, with no big stops between the cinematic experience and the actual gameplay, each woven seamlessly into the game into complete cohesion.

6) Dead Island 2: A new trailer showcased the return of the bloody and haunting world of Dead Island. Showcasing a widespread infection that may or may not have reached mainland, the game showed a beach town of sorts, sort of like Santa Monica CA, and the chaos that ensued from a zombie plague hitting the beach and it’s residents. Bringing to mind the sudden chaos of films such as 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead, this sequel looks to continue the exciting zombie adventure from the previous games.


On Request Magazine Weekly Riff (Written Reviews) 1

It’s been a while since we here at On Request Magazine had a full list of previews, reviews, and more highlighting television, film, and other ends of the entertainment spectrum. It’s a new year, and with any new year, new news has arrived as well. Here is the first written episode of the Weekly Riff. To catch the video, check out the link at the end of this article.

1. Man of Steel/Justice League delayed: The long anticipated release of the Man of Steel sequel, which is set to feature Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman thus far, has been delayed an entire year, with the film set to release in 2016 now. On top of this news, it’s been rumored that the Justice League film is set to film back to back with the Man of Steel sequel, being released within a year of each other. Look back to On Request Magazine for the latest news on these projects as we get more information.

2. TV Reviews: With so many anticipated shows being released and returning, it’s impossible to get to them all in one article, so we are going to pick the highlighted shows of the week. This week, we will talk about Teen Wolf on MTV, Arrow on the CW, Shameless/House of Lies on Showtime, and The Following on Fox.

Teen Wolf’s second half of the third season is well underway, and is delving into a psychological thriller angle on top of it’s already successful supernatural element. While the action is intense and the romantic entanglements among the teens is palpable, the performances by Dylan O’ Brien and Holland Roden, who play Stiles and Lydia on the show, is nothing short of extraordinary. The haunted storyline of Stiles as his sanity teeters on the balance and Lydia’s struggle to keep these teens together amidst the supernatural storm that’s brewing is heartbreaking, emotional, and intense to say the least, and these two are sure to be the emerging stars in the coming years in the entertainment industry.

Arrow returned with a bang from it’s winter hiatus to bring fans back to the superhero justice that we all know and love. Reeling from the revelation that, (Spoiler Alert!), Slade Wilson is alive and in starling city, hellbent on destroying Oliver’s life using Sebastian Blood and Blood’s Brother Blood alter ego to do so, we find the still in the dark team of heroes hunting down leads on Brother Blood while trying to stop a terrorist known as Shrapnel from killing the citizens of the city at the same time. Meanwhile, Roy is trying to deal with the aftermath of gaining superhuman abilities, and trying not to loose his sanity. The chemistry between Oliver and Felicty, (Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards), is fantastic and draws you further into the DC comics legendary show.

Shameless and House of Lies returned us to the dramedies we love as we delved into the lives of these anti-heroes. While the Gallagher clan adjusts to a semi-adjusted life, with Fiona having a normal 9-5 office job, Lip in college, and the kids growing up with some money for once, Frank deals with his inability to consume alcohol without throwing up blood. Meanwhile, Don Cheadle’s Marty Kaan adjusts to his new circumstances trying to get his new firm off the ground without his old pod, and Kristen Bell’s Jeannie adjusting to leading Doug and two new members of the pod back at the old firm, and Clyde deals with working for the hostile ex-wife of Marty, Monica. Stand out performances by Emmy Rossum on Shameless and Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell on House of Lies for sure.

The Following: The cult hit drama of 2013 returned with more serial killer intensity as a new conspiracy emerged. A year after the tragic ending and rampage of Joe Carroll, Ryan Hardy is living as an FBI profiler instructor in New York City, trying to move on with his life, when a new string of murderers claiming that Joe Carroll is alive and slaughtering innocent people to make a bold statement comes back into his life. Fans find out in the premiere what happened to Ryan Hardy nd Joe Carroll, and who lived and who died at the end of last season. A new cult is in town, and they may be even more ruthless and insane than the first one.

3. Gaming News: Xbox One title Dead Rising 3 is releasing their first batch of DLC this week. For more info on that and more Nintendo news, check out the link below or previous posts!

Thanks for reading guys. We hope you tune in throughout the week for more reviews, and please check out the YouTube channels and website for more entertainment goodies!