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To Render a Raven (Hollystone Mysteries Book 3) by W.L. Hawkin Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A vengeful vampire steals a powerful High Priest’s daughter and forces a coven to work together to bring the child home in author W.L. Hawkin’s “To Render a Raven”, the third book in the Hollystone Mysteries series. 


The Synopsis

Estrada is High Priest of Hollystone Coven, a shaman and magician. But is he a match for a vengeful vampire? When Diego steals his daughter from her crib on the eve of her first birthday, the Hollystone witches converge. The same night, a woman is murdered and another abducted. All three scenes are marked by roses that point to Michael Stryker, Estrada’s lover and best friend—a man with a strange dark “virus” brewing inside him. As the witches journey up the Pacific coast, emotions run raw as the close confines of a yacht heighten the tension between his jealous lovers. And then they meet the ravens . . .

Diego wants blood. Estrada wants his baby back. What will the high priest sacrifice to bring his daughter home?

A sexy Hitchcockian thriller that demystifies Vampire and illustrates the power of Love.

The Review

By far the most action-packed and yet most emotional of the Hollystone Mysteries series. The author did such an incredible job of building upon the mythos and cultures of the supernatural and paranormal. From unique changes to the vampire mythos and lore to the infusion of Celtic practices and explorations of high strangeness, the author brilliantly captures the magic and wonder of the world in which these characters inhabit.

Yet what stands out to me is the way the author was able to bring real human connection and emotion into this very supernatural world. The emotional connection the protagonist Estrada has with both the mother of his child and his current love interest really pulls at the heartstrings, and the heart-pounding terror that the abduction of Estrada’s child brings to mind is sure to play on the frayed nerves of any parent reading this story. The theme of facing our own inner darkness and learning to sacrifice our needs to protect those we love came through strongly thanks to these relationships and helped elevate the overall dangers the narrative brought to life.

The Verdict

Harrowing, engaging, and captivating, author W.L. Hawkin’s “To Render a Raven” is a must-read contemporary romance and fantasy novel and the perfect addition to the Hollystone Mysteries series. The intensity and passion the characters hold onto one another and the elevated danger that that intensity brings to the narrative were an instant draw for readers, and the heartbreaking twists and turns will have readers hanging off of the author’s every word until the climactic final chapter. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

W. L. Hawkin writes edgy urban fantasy with a twist of murder. Described as “intoxicating, lush, magically-edgy, page-turners,” her Hollystone Mysteries series features a coven of local witches who solve murders using their wits and ritual magic with a little help from the gods. Wendy is also a published blogger, a regular reviewer with the Ottawa Review of Books, Indie publisher and poet, with a background in Indigenous Studies and English literature. She loves myth and magic, so when she’s not writing, she’s studying Druidry, shamanism, and mediumship. Although she is an introvert, in each book, her characters go on a journey where she has traveled herself. Wendy completed a BA in Indigenous Studies at Trent University, and later, Post-Baccalaureate Diplomas in Humanities and a Teaching Certificate at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Fascinated by her Celtic and Tuscarora ancestry, she explores history, myth, and spirituality in her work. Born in Toronto, Canada, she currently lives in British Columbia.