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The Unshakeable Road to Love by Dr. Brenda Shoshanna Blog Tour + Excerpts

Book Summary

The Unshakeable Road to Love (Value Centered Relationships) is based upon Eternal Principles from all world scriptures, including Zen. These tried and true Eternal Principles, the Pillars of Love, show how to build foundations for relationships where happiness and well-being are inevitable. And where pain and conflict can dissolve on the spot. 

A radically different approach to love and psychology, the book offers a completely new perspective on fulfillment and what is truly needed to thrive. For example, one of the Pillars of Love upon which the book is based is:

To Be Happy, You Do Not Have To Be Loved, You Have to Learn What It Means to Be Loving.  

The book explores the difference between Real and Counterfeit Love. We discover how all suffering in relationships is due to being caught in the trap of Counterfeit Love. And how easy it is to break free from bondage and leave that trap behind.

This is a book of practice, filled with Turning Points, Pillars of Love, Interventions, and many enjoyable exercises so the reader can practice these principles in all their relationships and in their everyday lives.

Written by a psychologist, Interfaith Counselor, and long-term Zen practitioner, the book combines the practices and principles of both East and West, helping us to discover and celebrate the best in ourselves and others.

Publisher: Brenda Shoshanna (October 2022)

ISBN-10: 1094378046

ISBN-13: 978-1094378046

Print length: 208 pages

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About the Author

Brenda Shoshanna is an award-winning author, psychologist, Interfaith counselor, and long-term Zen practitioner and speaker. Her work is dedicated to integrating the teachings of East and West and making them real in our everyday lives. Brenda has offered over five hundred talks and workshops on all aspects of personal and spiritual development, relationships, and living an authentic, meaningful life.

You can find her online at:

Author Website: http://www.brendashoshanna.com

Book Website: https://www.totalrelationshipsnow.com/

Her Plays: https://www.allmyplays.com/

Her Podcast: https://www.zenwisdomtoday.com/


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Take in These Exclusive Excerpts


We are all treasure hunters, looking for the secret to fulfilling relationships. Usually, we believe the secret lies in finding the right person, acquiring the best relationship skills and learning to communicate our needs more clearly. Our relationships are usually dedicated to finding happiness, getting our needs met, being powerful or in charge. Basically, we are using our relationships to feel good about ourselves. 

However, despite all our efforts, relationships often become a source of pain and suffering. And when a partner stops meeting our needs, love often turns into rejection. Conflict, anger and loneliness arise endlessly.

When our thoughts are primarily absorbed with what we are needing and receiving, or how to build up our self esteem, we live in a prison without bars. It becomes impossible to truly see the person we are with, or what is really happening.  The harder we try to make things right, the more complicated they can become. How can we ever find fulfillment in this manner?

A Completely New Perspective

It is time to offer a completely new perspective on psychological and spiritual suffering and the road to unfailing happiness. As we turn to the world’s Eternal Scriptures we see that suffering has been dealt with throughout the centuries.  Profound relationship insights along with powerful forms of healing have been offered again and again. However, this fundamental, eternal wisdom has not been recognized or invited into our relationships. That is why we suffer so. 

A Radical Alternative

       These eternal truths present a radical alternative to the ways we function in relationships and what we expect of them. They also present a radical view into what it means to truly love. Like the laws of gravity, these principles are infallible, cannot fail.  

An Unshakable Road To Love (Value-Centered Relationships) is based upon these eternal truths found in all world scriptures. They are the perfect medicine for what is truly ailing us. Not only are these principles fundamental to our happiness, they are also simple, easy to understand and enjoyable to perform. And when we apply these principles to our relationships, pain and conflict often disappear on the spot.

This book and program are dedicated to sharing a new form of psychology based upon these Eternal Principles. This is a Book of Practice, simple, direct and filled with specific insights, exercises and interventions, which carefully guide us in ways of applying these truths with whomever we meet, including ourselves. 

                                              EXCERPT TWO

Relationship Koans

All relationships can be thought of as koans, teachings coming to us from the world of Zen. A koan is a question given to a student by a teacher that has no logical or rational answer. And yet an answer must be made. The same is true of relationships.

In the beginning we try to figure our koans out, strategize, demand certain outcomes. That never works. Before long, we find new ways of handling koans, or so called problems. We learn to enjoy them and let the answer reveal itself. When we approach our relationships the  same way as we do our koans, it is easy to see many of the illusions we have been living with, and how they have destroyed our joy. 

Relationship Myths and Mirages

         These illusions, or relationship myths and mirages steal our trust, hope and love.  Once they are dissolved, and the truth bubbles up, our entire perspective changes and new horizons open.

Ultimately, we do not work on our koans, they work on us. Koans wake us up, alter what our view and present possibilities we never imagined were there. This is true in our relationships as well. Relationships, truly understood and practiced, are an incredible gateway into the heart of our lives.  

Here is a wonderful instruction given to students working with a koan. It is wonderful

 instruction for being in a relationship as well.   

 Be With Your Koan as if You Were a Mother Hen Sitting On Her Nest, Keeping Her Eggs Warm. (Do the Same with Your Relationship.)

  Don’t leave the nest or desert the chicks. And don’t interfere with their growth, or constantly peek in to see how they’re doing. When the perfect moment comes the chicks will peck out of their shells and be born. Do the same with your relationship! Then the relationship will naturally become fully alive.

  “Kabir says, Fantastic!

Don’t let an opportunity

Like this go by.”