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The Twesome Loop by Mandy Eve-Barnett Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Four people find themselves brought together at an Italian Villa, where secrets of the past reveal to them connections they never thought possible in author Mandy Eve-Barnett’s “The Twesome Loop”.


The Synopsis

Is it possible to change our destiny, break free from the echoes of our past lives? The Twesome Loop is an erotic romance novel with a reincarnation twist.

A picturesque Italian Villa holds a hidden past of a pact that cannot be broken – a secret untold. Passion, pleasure, and pain play their part as seemingly chance meetings reveal secrets and hidden agendas. One dark secret is coupled with a burning desire to extract revenge. It will see four guests re-living their past lives – for love, for lust, and for revenge.

Who will win and who will lose?

The Review

This was a very heated yet intriguing read. The author seemed to blend the erotic thriller genre with the historical romance genre, and the marriage of these two specific genres worked out so perfectly. The exploration of themes such as reincarnation, love, and whether or not that love can transcend time itself was beautifully woven into the fabric of this narrative, and the fast-paced story was perfectly accentuated by the great back and forth between the past storyline and the present. 

The tension and atmosphere of this read were brought to life brilliantly thanks in large part to the richly developed characters of this novel. The main cast of characters and their past counterparts really do an amazing job of highlighting the concept of reincarnation and showing the dangers of the past repeating itself in the present as a whole. The idea of people using marriage not for love but for monetary gain, those who are stuck in loveless marriages, and the passion and wildness that comes when true love is found were perfectly illustrated in each character’s unique interactions with one another in both time periods.

The Verdict

Suspenseful, entertaining, and captivating, author Mandy Eve-Barnett’s “The Twesome Loop” is a must-read erotic thriller/historical romance read. The heated passion when blended with the metaphysical aspect of reincarnation and the suspense of what happened to bring these four souls together again will have readers on the edge of their seats, making this a fun and engaging adult read. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Mandy currently lives in Alberta, Canada but is originally from England. Her background is diverse and gives her rich experience to utilize in her writing. Mandy has been a nursing professional, a business owner, and a sort after administration expert. She has traveled throughout Europe, parts of America and Canada and was born in Africa.

Mandy is passionate about writing to the point of obsession and she succeeded in becoming a published author in record time. Mandy’s venture into freelance writing has been successful and she regularly contributes to Strathcona Connect, an e-zine and the Never Been Better page in the Sherwood Park newspaper as well as well as holding the position of Secretary for her local writing group, Writers Foundation of Strathcona County. She is also Secretary of Alberta Authors Cooperative.

Writing in various genres, Mandy has been published in anthologies, on numerous websites as well as regularly blogging about her writing journey.