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Video Review: Spirits of the Heart by Claire Gem

It’s been a fun week for videos on my @youtube channel, #avinavlogs . The 50th episode of #thewriterscorner #podcast went live, plus a brand new #review of @shanedawson ’s #book, #itgetsworsebook and my July book wrap-up and August #tbr list. Click on the link in the bio to check them out, and if you like what you see I’d love it if you could hit that #subscribe button. Thanks guys! 😃❤️

Have you guys seen my latest @youtube video on my channel #avinavlogs ? I share my #top5 dream vacation spots just in time for summer! Be sure to #like and #subscribe if you enjoy the video! Link in the bio. ☀️🌅🏝🌆

It’s been a busy month for making videos on my @youtube channel, #avinavlogs . Some great #books were #reviewed while I made some changes to the #vlog schedule and I premiered a brand new #booktrailer for my @wattpad project, #lexingtonandfifth . Be sure to follow the link in the bio to check the #videos out and if you like what you watch be sure to hit that #subscribe button! 📷

Where We Stand: Avina Vlogs

Hello citizens of Avina Vlogs!

This is your host, author Anthony Avina, and I am writing this post today because recently YouTube relaunched their Creator Hub and along with
that their benefits levels. In essence, this shows us where we as creators stand within the community thus far, and gives us goals for which we
want to achieve. In the past three years, I have gone from this incredibly shy, quiet human being with dreams of being a writer, to now this
moderately shy, somewhat more energetic human with his dreams of being a writer slowly coming together. In those three years we have grown as
a community, and now we sport about 575 subscribers, nearly to the big 600.

According to the new benefits program, we are nestled in the Graphite level, but are nearly to the next level, the Opal level, which we will get
upon hitting our first 1,000 subscribers. My main goals with this YouTube channel has always been to have a living memory of my life preserved
through video to remember, and to entertain and connect with my audience as I grew as an author. In these last three years I have far exceeded
what I expected to do with this channel, having nearly 600 subscribers and having made some great friends here in the community as well. Doing
this channel has given me the confidence to dream big and go for what I want, and I want to immerse myself in the world of YouTube even more.

This year I have started playing around with different video styles, from tags/challenges and podcasts to video reviews of all forms of entertainment
and even some short films and trailers. I also have always enjoyed life casting my daily life, but for now I’m going to be saving those videos
for special or naturally entertaining moments until I get to a place where I can make my daily life interesting. I want to expand my brand and my
outreach on YouTube, and in order to do that I want to cultivate videos you guys love to watch.

I would love to reach 1,000 subscribers in the next few months. You guys seem to love the video reviews and I would love to know more about what
you like to see on this channel. The biggest help you current Avina Vlogs family members could be is to share the videos you watch, leave some
comments or questions so we can get some awesome Q&A videos going, and then leave some suggestions for future videos. Maybe I can review or share
gaming news/theories/previews, or talk about my love and fan theories for Game of Thrones and other pop culture shows. Or maybe you guys would like
to see more serious subject videos, much in the same vein as one of my favorite YouTubers, Jaclyn Glenn. I have a great new video series idea I
briefly mentioned in my last vlog, where I want to make writing challenge videos, in which I post a challenge to you guys each week, (write a
poem, essay, short story, first chapter of a novel, etc), and not only would I share my work for the week or month or whatever we decide, but I
would pick a couple of you guys to shout out your channels or social media feeds, then read what you submitted. You can submit the actual work
in the comments or you can publish your work to Wattpad or your website/blog and send me the link to share.

I love YouTube and writing, and want to combine the two to build an incredible community here on the internet. I am becoming so passionate about
the channel, and I want to grow it into the community I know it can be. So I’m reaching out to you, my incredible friends and community, to help
me make that a reality. The first stop is the Opal level, but I know that together we can grow this channel into something truly amazing. I hope
you’ll join me in doing so. Thanks everyone, and I hope to hear from you guys in the comment section or on social media!

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Guys, my new short film, “My Demons, Your Fun,” is live now on @youtube and is based on an original poem of mine. Link in the bio. #subscribe #short #shortfilm #youtube #youtuber #youtubers #youtubecrew #video #poem #poet #poetry #writer #author #authorsofinstagram #horrorpoem

Guys, we hit 550 subscribers on @youtube you guys are the best. So happy to see more engagement from you guys and more people wanting to subscribe. You inspire me to keep filming my life every day! Let’s keep the good times going and get to 1,000 subs! Link in bio if you’d like to subscribe to Avina Vlogs! #youtube #youtuber #youtubers #youtubechannel #youtubecrew #youtubecommunity #creators #vlog #vlogs #vlogger #vlogging #avinavlogs #dailyvlog #subscribe

I went to see @deadpoolmovie on #valentinesday in today’s brand new #vlog on @youtube now! Link in the bio. #deadpool #dailyvlog #video #vlogger #youtube #youtuber #youtubers #youtubechannel #valentines #vday #family #subscribe