Had such a blast yesterday at @stanleecomiccon and can’t wait to go next year already! Amazing #cosplay great panels and awesome booths at the #lacomiccon this year! Did Amy of you guys attend? Tag me in your photos from the event and tell me what your favorite part of your weekend was! #comiccon #stanlee (at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic Con)


Just a few of the pictures we took today at @stanleecomikaze today. Great cosplay going on, amazing celebrity interactions and a helpful staff made for a truly enjoyable experience. Thank you to @krisonrequest and @onrequestmag for braving the crowds to do this, @dpanabaker for taking the time to take some photos with us, #summerglau for an incredible interview at the @hottopic main stage, and of course our host and legendary creator, @therealstanlee for a great day. As he would say, Excelsior! Full written and video reviews will be up in a couple days with pictures, video clips, news, press releases and more! #comikaze2015 #comikazeexpo #comikaze #theflash #stanleecomikaze #stanlee #cosplay #onrequestmagazine #onrequestmag #daniellepanabaker (at Comikaze Expo)