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Shadow of the Demon by Joseph Lewis Tamone Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A rescue mission for two missing comrades takes a drastic turn in author Joseph Lewis Tamone’s Shadow of the Demon.

The Synopsis

The exciting sequel to Fusion World.

A world on the brink. A team divided.

It’s been months since Vai and Edam disappeared through the portal created by the destruction of the Fusion World machine. Unfortunately the machine contained the last known Dark Orb, the critical component to interdimensional travel. Luckily, a prototype is found in the vault of its creator, Dr. Charles Vindia. Vint SawWood, Vindia’s protégé, is pressed into service and can reactivate the device. But it is decades old and may be a one way ticket. There is no way to know.

Undaunted, Sajaeler and Raven lead a mission to find and rescue their missing teammates. What they discover is a world in the midst of a civil war. A shapeshifter has rallied an army of disaffected citizens to his cause and will stop at nothing until he subjugates the planet. To make matters worse, Raven becomes gravely ill. Visiting this world of mythical foes and allies has triggered something within her. She must face the trials in order to survive.

With the war boiling over, the team at odds, and Raven on death’s door, can Vai, Edam, Sajaeler and a new band of friends save the world and each other?

The Review

A powerful read that capitalizes on a vast mythology, author Joseph Lewis Tamone does it again. A book that readers will definitely need to read book 1 of, this sequel to Fusion World is a fantastic read.

What the author has accomplished with this book is an equal amount of world building, character growth and mythology in a blend of sci-fi and fantasy. The healthy mix of larger than life, grand scale adventure and personal character battles characters like Raven undergo are what really drive the plot forward.

The Verdict

A lengthy yet engaging story, Shadow of the Demon was a wonderful novel that built upon the world building of the first novel while creating more personal and engaging character growth and a whole new world that further expands this growing universe. If you’re a fan of epic sci-fi and fantasy, then grab your copy of Shadow of the Demon by Joseph Lewis Tamone today!

Rating: 10/10