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Ride On! Dame Sarah Storey’s Extraordinary Journey of Triumph: How to Unleash the Power Within, Push Boundaries, and Champion Excellence by S.A. Sterling Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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Author S.A. Sterling shares the powerful and inspiring story of Dame Sarah Storey in the book “Ride On!”. 


The Synopsis 

From surmounting a career-ending injury to thriving in a male-dominated sport, ‘Ride On! Dame Sarah Storey’s Extraordinary Journey of Triumph’ offers a story that goes beyond athletic accomplishment—it’s a masterclass in resilience and personal growth.

Feel stuck in life, burdened by challenges and self-doubt?

This book is your roadmap to breaking free.

Reading ‘Ride On!’ you’ll gain:

• Self-Belief: Harness confidence as your driving force.

• Resilience: Equip yourself with tools to face life’s challenges head-on.

• Adaptability: Learn to pivot your way to success, just like Sarah.

S.A. Sterling captures the indomitable spirit of Dame Sarah Storey, making ‘Ride On!’ a must-read for sports aficionados and anyone inspired by human resilience.

Penned by S.A. Sterling, an author committed to narratives of triumph over adversity, ‘Ride On!’ isn’t just a biography—it’s a guide to unlocking your untapped potential.

As you turn the pages, you won’t just find a compelling story, but actionable insights to elevate you from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

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The Review

This was a truly inspiring and memorable read. The author did an incredible job of capturing the life of this compelling athlete and showcasing the struggles that became hurdles to jump over in life. The balance of straightforward information with the subtlety of the inspirational themes inspires the reader throughout this book.

The heart of this book rests in the book’s subject, Dame Sarah Storey. The emotional weight of the athlete’s journey, as well as the way the author was able to frame the life of Dame Sarah Storey from both her inspirational tale and the everyday life experiences she carried as both a mother and a wife, made this feel relatable and engaging from a reader’s perspective. The imagery and atmosphere that the author provides allow the reader to feel transported to these pivotal moments in the reader’s life.


The Verdict

Heartfelt, engaging, and inspiring, author S.A. Sterling’s “Ride On!” is a must-read biography and nonfiction book. The way the author showcases the strength to overcome diversity and the success that a woman can find in a male-dominated field makes this a gripping true story that is not to be missed. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Meet S. A. Sterling, a storyteller on a mission to inspire hearts and minds across the globe. With a Master’s Degree in Foreign Language and a passion for storytelling, S. A. Sterling embraces the beauty of communication through her multilingual skills, effortlessly connecting with people from diverse cultures.

Beyond her academic achievements lies a genuine passion for making a difference. As a devoted language teacher, S. A. Sterling empowers her students to explore new horizons and appreciate the power of words. Sterling weaves together a tapestry of inspiration which transcends language barriers and touches the hearts of many across the globe.

S. A. Sterling’s thirst for knowledge and passion for personal growth extends beyond her writing desk. She is an avid reader who constantly seeks out inspiring stories that fuel her imagination and ignite her own desire to make a difference in the world. Inspired by the extraordinary journey of Dame Sarah Storey, S. A. Sterling began writing a transformative tale of triumph. Instead of simply recounting achievements, she sought to capture the essence of courage and resilience that defines Dame Sarah’s life.

Through Ride On! Dame Sarah Storey’s Extraordinary Journey of Triumph: How to Unleash the Power Within, Push Boundaries, and Champion Excellence, S. A. Sterling’s heartfelt goal is to uplift and empower readers. She wishes to guide them on a journey of self-discovery in hopes that every reader will find their own courage to break free from limitations and embrace their unique path to greatness. S. A. Sterling invites you to explore the awe-inspiring life of Dame Sarah Storey—a journey that transcends boundaries, redefines greatness, and celebrates the beauty of the human spirit.