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Good-Bye Too Soon by Randi-Lee Bowslaugh Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Author Randi-Lee Bowlaugh shares the painful realities of loss and addiction as she eulogizes her brother after his loss to addiction in the book “Good-Bye Too Soon”. 


The Synopsis

Addiction is a rampant mental illness that takes hold of individuals of any age. Brandon was only a teenager when drugs took over his life. The battle raged for decades before he lost.

Randi-Lee shares the truth behind the eulogy. Having a brother with addiction created a fissure and forced the need for boundaries. Stepping away and loving him from a distance was her only way to keep herself safe.

This book goes beyond losing a brother. It delves into risk factors, constructive coping strategies, and a family’s grieving process. Reminding those left behind to forgive ourselves and the person we lost.

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The Review

This was a heartbreaking and honest book on grief, loss, and the painful path of addiction. The author remarkably conveys the emotional rollercoaster that comes with losing someone so close to addiction while also threading through the painful realities of maintaining healthy boundaries and yet desperately clinging to the hope of reuniting with the person that has lost themselves to this mental illness. 

The balance between emotional storytelling and clinical, detailed revelations regarding addiction and mental health concerns was great to see come to life on the page. It kept the reader emotionally invested while showcasing some of the root causes of addiction, the impact on both the addict and those in the addict’s life, and the shocking realities of life while living with addiction as a whole. The way the author was able to showcase the person her brother was outside of the addiction as well was really emotional and heartfelt and made for some compelling reading.

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The Verdict

Thoughtful, heartfelt, and engaging, author Randi-Lee Bowslaugh’s “Good-Bye Too Soon” is a must-read nonfiction memoir on drug dependency, recovery, and the path of loss that readers won’t want to put down. The emotion and heart that the author pours into this book made this a memorable experience that will resonate with so many readers. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Randi-Lee was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and from a young age she had a passion for helping others. She attended Niagara College and graduated at the top of her class from Community and Justice Services after completing her placement at a recovery house for alcohol and drug addictions. Post-graduation she worked at a Native Friendship Centre for two and a half years while pursuing a university education in psychology. Randi-Lee continued working in social services for another four years as an employment counselor until she left to pursue her other passions.

In 2017 Randi published her first book about mental health awareness and from there knew that this was her dream. Since then she has continued writing and expanding the genres that she writes.

Another of Randi-Lee’s passions is kickboxing, which she has been doing for over 10 years. She was a Canadian National Champion in 2015, competed at the World’s kickboxing tournament later that year and in 2016 competed at the Pan-Am games where she received silver in her division. In 2020 she was chosen as one of the coaches for the Ontario Winter Games where she inspired and coached young athletes.

While she isn’t working, she is spending time with her two teenage children and a grand-baby. Randi tries to speak honestly and openly about her struggles with her own mental health and as a parent – wanting to ensure that no one feels alone.

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