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Winter in the Forest (Seasons in the Forest Book Two) by Christine Copeland Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author Christine Copeland shares with young readers the beauty and wonder of a still winter day and what you can find during winter in the forest in the book “Winter in the Forest”, the second book in the Seasons in the Forest picture book children’s series. 


The Synopsis

Winter in the Forest is the second in a series of picture books for pre-K, K and early elementary kids about the natural world, in particular the deciduous forest of the American Northeast. This book depicts the cold stillness of winter and adaptations that plants and animals make during this long dark time. The three primary themes are snow and cold, long dark nights, and dormancy.

The language of our books is lyrical, the images are entrancing and sometimes humorous but always realistic – think field guides for 3 to 8 year-olds. There is a tracking activity in back for young readers.

Children will learn the names and habits of forest animals and plants so that they can recognize them in natural settings. These books engage children’s innate curiosity and connection to the living world so that they can learn complex principals in simple, age- appropriate language.

We publish in hardcover, paperback, and audio ebook.

The Review

This was a heartwarming and beautiful picture book and story. The simplicity and imagery the author utilized in the book captured the stark coldness of winter as a season while also bringing the beauty and magic that the season often inspires. The watercolor style of artwork added a great effect to the book, as it felt more in tune with nature as well.

The balance the author struck between educating the young readers on the behavior of animals and the nature surrounding winter and the engaging style of writing and artwork that drew the reader into the narrative. While a short read, the author does an amazing job of showcasing the ways in which different animals and plants adapt to the cold stillness of winter, and how dormancy plays a role in nature during this time.

The Verdict

Beautiful, thoughtful, and engaging, author Christine Copeland’s “Winter in the Forest” is a great second book in the Seasons in the Forest series and a heartwarming children’s picture book. The way the author was able to capture a mood and tone through her imagery and story kept me invested in this book, and will really speak to younger readers looking to understand the seasons of the year. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Christine Copeland lives in the forest of Massachusetts with her husband Bill, a pediatrician, naturalist and teacher, and their dogs and cat. Her sons have fledged but return seasonally. Christine has a BFA from Cornell University and a Masters in Education from Antioch New England. She combines her love for painting with her love for young children and nature-based education. She is an author/illustrator and also paints in oil. Her work can be seen at christinecopelandbooks.com and bcc-studios.com/paintings.



Maybe Colours by Matthew Bennet Young Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Author Matthew Bennet Young takes readers on a journey through equality and acceptance through poetry and colour in the book “Maybe Colours”. 


The Synopsis

Maybe Colours is a beautifully illustrated picture book with simple poetic text that encourages an understanding of the importance of equality and diversity using colour as a theme.

♥ Encourages children to express their experience and feelings

✓ Perfect gift for anyone that loves poetry and art.

★ Many teachers/schools have used the book as a template. 

Children can write their own simple poem about their experience of colour and then enjoy illustrating it!

The content, illustration and layout are arranged to give a sense of space for reflection. Designed for adults and children to discuss their associations and experience of different colours, this book conveys that there are many different sources and shades of the ‘same colour’, (it’s not all black and white) and that every colour has its place and equal significance. Maybe Colours is a meditation on possibilities and was the basis of a course developed in Sweden to support and specifically promote a new EQ (emotional intelligence) curriculum in schools there.  Essentially Maybe Colours was written with a view to encouraging tolerance and understanding – the word “maybe” is a “pivot” for perspective-taking, enabling us to consider other possibilities for meanings, concepts and in real-life situations we can find ourselves in. Developing children’s abilities to consider alternative perspectives about sources of colour, associations with objects or animals has real-world applications: misunderstandings often occur when we do not consider alternative possibilities of meaning when engaging with other people. The active use of this word may help to prevent such misunderstandings and to encourage open-minded thinking.

The Review

The author did an incredible job of crafting a moving and memorable story in such a short amount of time. The theme of diversity and acceptance was beautifully displayed in the book, with simple yet thought-provoking poetry highlighting the many paths that each colour could take in life. 

The imagery and tone of the book really did a great job of keeping readers invested in the author’s message. The beautiful blend of colour and abstract images helped give readers a sense of similarities and differences that makes up life itself and was the perfect way to teach children about equality for all. 

The Verdict

Powerful, thoughtful, and engaging, author Matthew Bennet Young’s “Maybe Colour” is a must-read children’s book meets poetry and picture book. The balance of imagery and poetry really created a harmonic narrative, and while a short book overall, the message was quite impactful and the perfect way to illustrate our need to teach our future generations how to hold one another in much higher regard. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Matthew has been writing stories since his childhood in England. His children’s stories can be recognized by a “naïve” style, written as much from a child’s view of the world as possible, but in a way that is also intended to appeal to adults. He tries to write to disrupt associations and challenge assumptions that are commonly made around us. Matthew was appointed a Writer in Schools by the Ministry of Culture and Communications in Quebec and through this program delivers literary workshops to children in the Montreal area. He has taught at school, college and university level in Sweden and Canada and has been invited to give readings and teach workshops at schools, museums and literary festivals in New York, Berlin, London and Gothenburg. Matthew currently teaches in Montreal.

He enjoys growing food, cooking, doing yoga and walking on the chalky downs of North Dorset when he can.


A Big Blue Boat by Susea Spray (Illustrated by Lesley Cybulka) Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A young girl explores the sea in author Susea Spray’s brand new children’s picture book, “A Big Blue Boat”, illustrated by Lesley Cybulka.


The Synopsis

The seas are calm and the winds gently blowing, when a Big Blue Boat and her Captain head out for a day’s sail. As the winds strengthen, and the sea starts to rollick and frolic, will our Big Blue Boat and her Captain make it safely back to shore?

Parents looking for picture books about boats or picture books about sailing will fall in love with A Big Blue Boat. It’s one of the best sailing stories of 2021. Especially, if you’re looking for picture books about sailing for girls. Written for early readers and pre-schoolers, it’ll have them learning to sail in no time.

Children will love joining in with the rhythm and rhyme in this cumulative story about a boat, a girl and the rollicking frolicking sea.

A boat.

A big blue boat.

A big blue boat with billowing sails.

A big blue boat with billowing sails and …

In the tradition of There Once Was A Lady Who Swallowed a Fly and One Day in the Eucalyptus, Eucalyptus TreeThe Big Blue Boat takes readers on an ever-growing rhyming song in this beautiful yarn about boats for early readers.

The Big Blue Boat also features a female captain, making it a great option for those looking for books about sailing for girls as well as picture books about boats. All families interested in sailing and boats will love Susea Spray’s fun-filled adventure. After all, who better to write boat stories for girls, than an author living on a boat?

Beloved by educators, The Big Blue Boat reinforces key early learning skills. “From a teacher’s perspective, and thinking about literacy skills, the repetition is really great, as it helps children access reading of some key words along with the adult reader.” Dr Kathryn Macfarlane (teacher and children’s author)

Buy The Big Blue Boat to set sail on a magical journey today!

The Review

This was a fun and spectacular read. The author did such an incredible job of crafting a narrative for children that was both entertaining and educational. The contrast of the warmth of the boat and captain in the imagery to the coolness of the ocean and environment itself in the illustrations really did a great job of drawing the reader into the narrative further.

Yet it was the author’s writing style that really captured my attention. The simple yet powerful story of adventure that came to life on the pages as a young girl became the captain of her own boat, sailing on the high seas and exploring the oceans was inspiring to read. The use of repetition, rhythm and even glossary terms for the educational purposes of learning about boating and the ocean as a whole was perfectly layered into the overall narrative. 

The Verdict

Fun, light-hearted, and engaging, author Susea Spray’s “A Big Blue Boat” is a must-read children’s story and picture book. The memorable educational moments from this read and the attention-grabbing and beautiful artwork work well together to create an entertaining and heartfelt read. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

As a child, Susea was always engrossed in a book. It really wasn’t surprising when she chose lower primary for her career.

A retired classroom teacher who majored in English and Children’s Literature, Susea spent 23 years making literacy learning fun for her young students. Her favourite time of day was sitting down with a story or two and immersing her young students in the world of books. Susea later trained and worked as a Reading Recovery teacher.

A new passion was found as she entered that special world, working with struggling readers on an individual basis. Watching those children blossom as readers – and in confidence – made her heart soar.

Susea had always written in one form or another. A decade ago, she and her husband commenced on an around the world sailing odyssey. Their travels were recorded on their sailing blog.

Over the decades, Susea had always desired to enter the world of writing for the young. As she recorded the sailing journey, notes and ideas for children’s picture books were taking form. At long last she had found her passion and a voice – the stories were bursting at the seams!

Susea was now able to share her love of language, sailing and sea with young and old through the eyes of a Big Blue Boat and her Captain. Realistic sailing stories for the young, particularly girls, were born.

A Big Blue Boat, her first book, was launched in March 2022. A 2022 Literary Titan Award winner and 2021 Page Turner Awards finalist, it is a cumulative story about a boat, a girl and the rollicking frolicking sea.

Two sequels are now with her friend, and Artist, Lesley Cybulka for illustrating and several new stories are underway.

In her spare time, Susea also loves to research, cook, photograph, quilt, embroider, walk, and work on her sailing blog.

Teacher’s Resource Pack Available For Purchase: A Big Blue Boat Teacher Resource Pack



Take A Hike! A Donkey-Donk Story (Book 3) by Ellen F. Feld Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A feel good children’s picture book series enters a third novel into the story in author Ellen F. Feld’s Take A Hike! A Donkey-Donk Story (Book 3)”. 


The Synopsis

Donkey-Donk wants to hike Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Northeastern United States. Before she can hike the mountain, however, she must get in shape by lifting weights and working out on her treadmill. Then it’s off to New Hampshire and the White Mountains, where Mount Washington awaits. Follow along with Donk as she hikes this amazing mountain and enjoy the incredible scenery that she discovers.

Over 20 beautiful, professional photographs of Donk as she prepares for, and then hikes, Mt. Washington.

The Review

In such a short read, the author does a great job of establishing a connection between the reader and the protagonist through not only great photography but artful storytelling. The book brings the story of this miniature donkey to life brilliantly, making the story flow at a reasonable pace for younger readers. 

The use of photography over artwork was an inspired choice, as it allowed for more personal touches to the story than artwork may have. The story itself showcases the narrative that with hard work, training, and perseverance anyone can achieve their goals, including hiking and climbing Mount Washington for Donkey-Donk in this tale. 

The Verdict

A well written, short yet impactful read, this is the perfect read for anyone who enjoys picture books and children’s narratives. Full of heart, joy and creativity, author Ellen F. Feld’s “Take A Hike! A Donkey-Donk Story (Book 3)” is a must-read children’s story that stands out on its own while fitting into the overall series of stories expertly. Grab your own copy of this book on May 07th, 2020. 

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Award-winning author Ellen Feld began writing about horses more than 20 years ago. At first she wrote for small, regional magazines, but within a few short years, her work began to appear regularly in large, national publications. In 2001, while waiting for her next assignment, Ms. Feld wrote a short story about a Morgan. That tale became the first chapter of Blackjack: Dreaming of a Morgan Horse. The book went on to win a coveted Children’s Choices award (as did the second book in the series, Frosty), an honor bestowed jointly by the International Reading Association and the Children’s Book Council. The book was also picked up by Breyer Animal Creations to be sold with a model of the star of the story, Blackjack. To date, Ms. Feld has authored fourteen horse books, including seven in the Morgan Horse series. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband, two children, twelve horses, and assorted other pets.


Author Interview with Anna Levine

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you get into writing?

My great-grandmother came to Canada in the late 1880s. She shares a passport with my great-grandfather. Beneath his photo is written Issac Yaphe. Beside him, my great-grandmother, a stern looking woman, is frowning at the photographer. Beneath her photo the passport inspector wrote, “Wife does not write.” Some years later I ended up at a writer’s residence in Eastern Canada, a few miles from where my great-grandmother had settled and farmed a small piece of land. Though I’ve been writing since my teens, keeping journals (that crowd my office space) I have that photo of my great-grandparents on my desk to remind me that I’m the great-granddaughter of the woman who immigrated to Canada as the wife “who does not write.”

What inspired you to write your book?

Curiosity. I often think the topics I write about find me. I have a series of archaeological-themed picture books about a young girl who is fascinated by history. Archaeology is one of my passions and when I can, I join a dig. I have a book for middle-grade readers that takes place in an olive grove, and last year I spent a day raking olives off the trees onto mats and scooping them up into crates. My writing has been labeled ‘realistic fiction.’ Research is my way of discovering new experiences.

What theme or message do you hope readers will take away from your book?

“Birds without borders.” I live in a country where there is a lot of conflict between people. And yet, when I visit the Hula Nature Reserve and I see all the different birds from all over the world swoop in to chat with each other (imagine a family dinner where everyone has to have their say), sharing food and finding a place to rest, I think of how we could learn from nature about living together peacefully even if the ‘peace’ can get quite noisy.

What drew you into this particular genre?

Writing a picture book is like writing poetry. I have published a few poems and when I’m stuck on a project I always reach for my poetry anthologies. I enjoy the challenge of finding just the right words to create an image. One of my favorite books growing up was Madeline. I loved Madeline’s independent spirit and the illustrations that accompany the text. The combination works for me.

If you could sit down with any character in your book, what would you ask them and why?

I’d love to chat with Alexandra and ask her what it feels like to sail above looking down on us. She’s been to places I’ve always dreamed of going to see.

What social media site has been the most helpful in developing your readership?

I’m really enjoying this WOW blog tour (and someone has already written me to ask how to join one). I use Facebook but the contacts I have all know me. This blog tour has allowed me to get in touch with people outside my circle. I’m on Instagram and Twitter but in truth don’t know how to use them all that well. I find that social media takes a lot of time and it’s time taken from my writing. I haven’t figured out the balance yet.

What advice would you give to aspiring or just starting authors out there?

Perseverance! It’s less about ‘write what you know’ (the old adage) but write about what excites you and what you want to learn about. Challenge yourself and discover new experiences.

What does the future hold in store for you? Any new books/projects on the horizon?

I’m working on a cozy mystery for adults that is set in Canada. It’s presently in submission through my agent. Lots of plotting goes into constructing a mystery and it’s a new genre for me, but I’m loving it!

50% Off On Over 100 Books!

Book summary

 In All Eyes on Alexandra, young Alexandra Crane is terrible at following her family in their flying Vee. She can’t help it that the world is so full of interesting distracting sights! When it’s time for the Cranes to migrate to Israel’s Hula Valley for the winter, Alexandra is excited but her family is worried. Will Alexandra stay with the group, and what happens if a dangerous situation should arise? Might Alexandra—and the rest of the flock—discover that a bad follower can sometimes make a great leader?

Based on the true story of Israel’s annual crane migration.

Print Length: 32 Pages

Genre: Children’s Picture Book

Publisher: Kar-Ben Pub

ISBN-10: 1512444391

ISBN-13: 978-1512444391

All Eyes on Alexandra is available to purchase on AmazonBarnes and NobleTarget and Thrift Books.

About the Author, Anna Levine

Anna Levine is an award-winning children’s book author. Like Alexandra Crane, the character in her latest picture book, she loves to explore new worlds. Born in Canada, Anna has lived in the US and Europe.  She now lives in Israel, where she writes and teaches.

You can find Anna Levine online at —

Author website: http://www.annalevine.org/

Twitter: @LevineAnna 

Instagram: @booksfromanna 

About the Illustrator, Chiara Pasqualotto,

Chiara Pasqualotto was born in Padua, in northern Italy, currently teaches illustration and drawing classes to children and adults, in particular in Padua during the summer at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics and in Rome. Since 2008 she’s been living in Rome and working with illustration professionally: her first picture book, Mine, All Mine! was published in 2009 by Boxer Books (UK), since then she published with Oxford University Press, Giunti, Terranuova and some American publishers (Paraclete Press, Tyndale, LearningAZ, Kar-Ben Publisher).

You can find Chiara Pasqualotto online at –

Artist website – https://romeartweek.com/en/artists/?id=1495&ida=1004

Blog: http://chiarapasqualotto.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clairepaspage/

Explore the Best Books of 2018 at BN.com

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Brother John: A Monk, a Pilgrim and The Purpose of Life by August Turak (Illustrated by Glenn Harrington) Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

One man’s chance encounter with a simple act of kindness changes his life forever in author August Turak’s novel Brother John: A Monk, a Pilgrim and The Purpose of Life. Illustrated by Glenn Harrington, this picture book delves into the age old question, “what is the purpose of life?”, and the author’s experience that answered that question for him. Here is the synopsis:

The Synopsis

Recipient of the prestigious Templeton Prize, Brother John is the true story of a meaningful encounter between a man going through a mid-life crisis, and an umbrella-wielding Trappist monk. This magical encounter on Christmas Eve eventually leads the author, and us all, to the redemptive power of an authentically purposeful life. Uplifting, deeply moving, and set in the magnificent Trappist monastery of Mepkin Abbey, Brother John is dramatically brought to life by over twenty full color paintings by Glenn Harrington, a multiple award-winning artist. Brother John’s inspirational message takes place at Christmastime, and its inspirational message and rich illustrations are sure to bring the reader back again and again throughout the year. 

The Review

Now as some of you may know from following my website, you know I myself am not religious. So approaching a book such as this as a non-religious person was an interesting thing. While I may not identify with the implied religious aspects of the story, the message itself of being kind and considerate of others leading to an authentic and purposeful life resonated with me. People don’t stop to take the time to look out for others much these days. In a world where nations are split apart and some leaders preach to the masses about having a “me me me” mentality, stories like Brother John’s are refreshing to see unfold.

Filled with truly gorgeous artwork, the story is a quick read at first glance. Yet further inspection reveals an intricate story that must be read carefully to absorb the messages told throughout. The novel is filled with a sense of holiday wonderment (it’s a Christmas time era when this event occurs), and speaks to the power of helping your fellow man or woman without thinking of the benefits to yourself. The story was beautifully written, and filled with passion for the theme of kindness like no other book before it.

The Verdict

This is the perfect read for anyone looking for an inspiration Christmas story, heartfelt and emotional stories of mankind at it’s finest, or anyone struggling to find their purpose in life. It’s a beautifully told story that deserves your attention, so be sure to grab your copy of Brother John: A Monk, a Pilgrim and The Purpose of Life by August Turak and illustrated by Glenn Harrington.

Rating: 10/10



About the Author


August Turak is a successful entrepreneur, corporate executive and award-winning author who attributes much of his success to living and working alongside the Trappist monks of Mepkin Abbey since 1996. As a frequent monastic guest, he learned firsthand from the monks as they grew an incredibly successful portfolio of businesses. Service and selflessness are at the heart of the 1,500-year-old monastic tradition’s remarkable business success. It is an ancient though immensely relevant economic model that preserves what is positive and productive about capitalism while transcending its ethical limitations and internal contradictions. Combining case studies from his thirty-year business career with intimate portraits of the monks at work, Turak shows how Trappist principles can be successfully applied to secular business settings and to our personal lives as well. He demonstrates that monks, people like Warren Buffett and other “transformational organizations” are successful not despite their high principles but because of them. He lives in North Carolina.



All Is Assuredly Well by Professor Gore and Maestro Wilson (Illustrated by Angela F.M. Trotter) Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway

Hello there everyone. I am thrilled to be able to present to you today the official blog tour for the illustrated children’s story All Is Assuredly Well by Professor Gore and Maestro Wilson (and illustrated by Angela F.M. Trotter). Today I am going to be presenting a review of the story, as well as information on the book itself and at the end of this post you will be able to find a giveaway for a print copy of the book. First, here’s my review.


Authors Professor Gore and Maestro Wilson, along with illustrator Angela F.M. Trotter, have created a unique and one of a kind children’s story that brings together two men deeply in love and their journey to find a daughter to make their family complete. Here is the synopsis:


This pre-Raphaelite picture book is a remarkable contribution to the canon of books for the young children of same-sex parents. King Phillip and his husband, Don Carlos, live contentedly for decades until the king is called to the Hero’s Journey to earn a baby girl to complete their family.


This book was incredible to read. Including a modern day tale that brings the love and inclusivity of the LGBTQ community to the forefront and allows parents in that community to feel like they have a story to read to their children that will reflect their own lives, this story showcases not only a strong LGBTQ couple in a fairy tale, but also does a wonderful job of highlighting the struggle all parents go through to have and keep safe their children. The story is beautifully illustrated and brings a classical feel to the story itself. It’s positive message and beautiful artwork make this a one of a kind read.

Overall I loved the book. While a short read and a children’s story, the simple story held a fantastic theme and message that parents will be able to read between the lines of and express the amazing message to their children. In a time when politics and hatred can be overwhelming, a story like All Is Assuredly Well is exactly what will bring families out of that darkness and into the light once more. A story of love, hope and the true meaning of family, authors Professor Gore and Maestro Wilson did a phenomenal job of crafting and weaving a one of a kind fairy tale that parents need to have in their lives, and illustrator Angela F.M. Trotter did a wonderful job bringing that story and vision to life. Be sure to pick up your copy of All Is Assuredly Well in print and eBook formats today!


Rating: 10/10


Professor Gore & Maestro Wilson’s



All is Assuredly Well


Book Summary

King Phillip the Good and his husband, The Most Excellent Don Carlos Emiliano Felipe de Compañero y Campañero, live sedate, uneventful lives until King Phillip dreams of having a baby girl. Structured around The Hero’s Journey, King Phillip must follow his mentor, the Blue Star, and encounter allies (a newt and a bluejay) and overcome gatekeepers (a biting fish and a bear) as he completes a series of tasks to prove himself worthy of becoming a father. Once proven, the Blue Star presents him with a baby girl in the middle of a fairy circle of a thousand different flowers in a thousand brilliant hues.  He returns home to present Baby Milliflora to his husband, and the loving husbands joyfully become loving fathers.

Genre: Children’s Books

Publisher: Camille Lancaster Literary Children’s Books

ISBN: 978-0-9998880-0-1


All is Assuredly Well is available as an ebook and print at Amazon.com.


About the author, Professor Gore


Professor M. C. Gore holds the doctorate in education from the University of Arkansas.  She taught first grade through graduate school for 36 years in New Mexico, Missouri, and Texas.    She was a professional horse wrangler and wilderness guide and continues to play clarinet in two community bands.  She is Professor Emeritus from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas where she held two distinguished professorships. Her books for teachers and parents are shelved in over a thousand libraries throughout the world.  She is retired and lives in Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.


About the Author, Maestro Wilson


Maestro Phillip Wilson was a public-school band director, music teacher, composer, and arranger for 28 years.  His primary instrument is the trumpet, and he is also a campañero (bell ringer). Although he is over 80, he continues to serve as Music Director and Cantor at his church.   He is a life-long resident of New Mexico and was born in Santa Fe. Although his genotype is Dutch and Scotch-Irish, his soul is Hispanic.  He was Professor Gore’s music teacher and band director, and although the loving biological father of seven musical children, he is a soul-father of the hundreds of students he has taught.


About the Illustrator, Angie F. M. Trotter


Artist Angie F. M. Trotter holds a BA in Religion and Fine Art. Her pen and ink illustrations are a fusion of icons, illuminated manuscripts, stained glass window design, and her spiritual life. She is also a chronic migraine suffer and her art helps calm her symptoms. Her mother was a folk artist; her father was an architect and fine artist, so she has been surrounded by art her whole life. Her work has been compared to the masters of the Golden Age of British book illustration.  She lives in Arkansas.


You can find more about All is Assuredly Well and the authors and the illustrator online:




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Now for the part you’ve been waiting for. This novel was incredible to read, and I want to share it with you all. That’s why thanks to the incredible contribution and generosity of the authors and WOW Tour, we have a free print copy of the book available for one of you guys. In order to be eligible for this giveaway, all you have to do is share this post, follow @AssuredlyWell and @AuthorAAvina on Twitter, and tweet this post tagging both our accounts and using the hashtag #​AllisAssuredlyWell when you do so. In two weeks time I will choose one person who has tagged us both on Twitter in a post and that person will receive a free print copy of the book. This giveaway is limited to US citizens only. Thanks everyone, and I look forward to announcing the winner within the next two weeks.

Lions, Leopards, and Storms, Oh My! by Author Heather L. Beal Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Another beautifully illustrated and wonderfully written story of nature and safety come to life in author Heather L. Beal’s children’s book, Lions, Leopards, and Storms, Oh My! Here’s the synopsis:

Lily and Niko Rabbit are at childcare when the weather changes and a thunderstorm strikes. One of the children’s parents is a meteorologist and he talks with the children about thunderstorms. They learn about severe weather events like thunderstorms and what conditions these events can bring, like lightning, hail, and winds. They also learn what to do to stay safe.

This is another fun illustrated adventure from author Heather L. Beal. The story focuses on thunderstorms, and how dangerous they can be. It allows kids to learn about common weather in our world that can affect our daily lives, and how to be safe when confronted with this weather. Children will love the colorful art and humorous writing that will allow them to connect with the story, while parents will love the way the story allows them to bond with their child and helps teach their child valuable lessons going forward in life. It’s everything you want in a children’s novel and more, combining fantastic creativity, passionate characters that teach the children about this topic, and an important life lesson on safety and not taking unnecessary risks. Overall I loved this story, as it brings another fantastic chapter to the books from this incredible author that fuses education and creativity beautifully. If you haven’t yet, be sure to preorder your copies of Lions, Leopards, and Storms, Oh My!


Rating: 10/10


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The Adventures of Venessa & Teddy by Miejoiee McClinton Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

A cute story of two creatures who ignore social standings to become friends brings parents and children alike together in author Miejoiee McClinton’s The Adventures of Venessa & Teddy. Here’s the synopsis:

Meet Venessa, a spunky, outgoing, little bunny and her best friend Teddy, a blunt and sarcastic bear. Get ready to go through all the excitements and challenges of these two unlikely heroines after a simple game of hide-and-seek goes terribly wrong.

This short yet incredible read was a fun, exhilarating and surprisingly intense book. The dangers of wandering into unknown waters comes to literal life in this story, as Venessa and Teddy are thrust into a dangerous situation that ends on a kind of cliffhanger ending, leaving the reader to make up their own minds regarding the final outcome. The story of these two woodland creatures who you’d never expect to get along becoming fast friends was heartwarming to see, which is a perfect message to send to kids. The whole story feels like a message to testing the waters figuratively and leaving your comfort zone to explore the world as a whole.

Overall this was a great read. Filled with heartwarming interactions, surprising endings and characters children will fall in love with immediately, this children’s book was the perfect read that parents will absolutely love to read to their children. If you haven’t picked up your copies of The Adventures of Venessa & Teddy by Miejoiee McClinton, do so today!

Rating: 10/10