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Always nice to start your day with some fresh coffee and a good book. Today I was representing @starwars with my Darth Vader mug and indulged in a little self-promotion by taking a picture with my novella VOID! #book #booklaunch #bookpromo #bookpromotion #booktube #booktubers #VOID #void #novella #contemporaryromance #drama #coffee #starwars #darthvader


Messing around with the new #boomerang app today. I still can’t believe VOID is finally out on @amazonkindle and in paperback online. Have you gotten your copy yet? #book #novella #VOID #VOIDBook #video #paperback #booklaunch #bookstagram #instabook #booknerd #bookaholic

I was so excited to see that I was featured in my local newspaper on the front page. This was the first time I have ever been recognized for my writing in a published paper. I hope to have this be the springboard for which future interviews and features will come, but the first time a writer gets recognition is something special, so thank you so much for the feature #applevalleyreview and thank you all for the constant support everyone, especially my biggest supporters, @alymarieavina and @krisonrequest . You guys are amazing. #applevalley #newspaper #newspaperfrontpage #frontpage #author #writersofinstagram #writer #VOID #VOIDBook #authorsofinstagram #book #novella #booklaunch

Hey guys! Well I have a special treat for all my friends in the US and the UK! My new novella, VOID, is on sale in digital format for only $0.99 in the US and £0.99 in the UK. All the information is on this flyer. Go to the links below depending on where you live, and get your copy of VOID at these low prices. Act fast, because this deal won’t last long! #deal #sale #discount #US #UK #VOID #VOIDBook #novella #Amazon #AmazonKindle #booksale #authorsofinstagram http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B010VUR5QK?*Version*=1&*entries*=0


Here’s a little behind the scenes sneak peek at two alternative covers for my new novella, VOID. Are you an artist who wants to show off their work? Create an original piece of artwork related to VOID, tag me in your post online, and a lucky few of you will be featured on my @youtube channel and will get a free electronic copy of the book. #creative #creatorspotlight #artist #artwork #novella #bookworm #booklover #booklaunch #VOID #voidbook #contemporaryromance #bookcover #bookart #bookaholic #bookcovers

My new novella VOID made a special appearance outside of one of my favorite places to eat, @pfchangs at @victoriagardens! Who’s gotten their copy of the book? It’s available in both eBook and paperback editions. #VOID #voidbook #novella #pfchangs #booklover #booklaunch #bookworm #contemporaryromance #drama #author (at P.F. Chang’s China Bistro)

New vlog up on my @youtube channel guys. I talk about the release of the new novella and my book launch plans. Make sure to share, like, comment and subscribe, and if you could check out the paperback or eBook version of the book online and through @amazon I’d appreciate it. Will be announcing free giveaways and contests soon! #contemporaryromance #novella #voidbook #VOID #booklaunch #booklover #youtube #youtuber #vlog #vlogger

A Chance Encounter: An Intriguing Experiment

It’s funny, isn’t it? The memories and experiences that fade with each year we get older can pop up in the most unexpected ways. I happened
to be out with my mom one afternoon recently, and we were talking about how long it’s been for each of us to go to one of our favorite spots
in Southern California, and that is one of the many gorgeous beaches we have here. I went to Newport Beach earlier in the year, but I’ve
always dreamed of venturing out to Santa Monica or Venice Beach, or maybe even Laguna Beach. As we talked about our hopes of getting there,
she suddenly remembered a fun day when I was just a few years old, and we went to the beach. Apparently, we had decided to go on a boat ride
to watch for dolphins and whales, and on that boat, I’d met a young girl whom I had befriended quickly. According to my mom, we were inseparable
for the rest of the day, and sadly parted ways, never to meet again.

I have no recollection of this day, but I was suddenly intrigued. I’ve always been a shy guy, but this encounter painted me as a talkative,
active young man with a natural charisma I didn’t think I possessed at that age. I was curious, so I went looking through some old photo albums,
and sure enough, I found the pictures of me and this young girl, (pictured above). Now, the memory still alludes me, but I thought to myself,
how intriguing, that after all these years, these pictures should surface at a time where I’m looking to bolster my confidence.

I began to think about the power that a chance encounter or a spontaneous moment can have on our lives. Hearing that I wasn’t always the
shy, soft-spoken young man I am today gave me a boost of inspiration that I’ve been looking for. Sometimes, the tiniest, most random moments
in time can have a huge impact on others. The world can seem like such a random, chaotic place a lot of the time, but other times, I can
see how we are more connected than we realize. I’m not sitting here saying that fate brought me and this girl together, nor am I saying
that it was our destiny to meet that day. I’m a semi spiritual man, but even my spiritual tendencies are based in science. What I’m talking
about here is the fact that the connections we make ourselves, not the ones destiny has forced upon us, are powerful themselves. We have the
power to impact others and ourselves.

Now, I also found myself curious to know what happened to this young girl. I have no name, only a picture of the two of us together. We were
both so young, but I find myself wondering, what happened to her? What is she doing now? Who is she, and more importantly, is she happy? I’m
not sitting here hoping for some big, Hollywood style romantic scene, where we reunite at that same beach, (I believe it was either Newport
or Laguna, I can’t remember), and have some huge, heart-pounding moment with the rain pouring down around us. No, this is just a curiosity
more than anything. She apparently was one of my first friends, albeit for merely 1 day. Even if I never meet her in person again or get
the chance to be her friend, I at least would love the opportunity to say hi, ask how she is, and thank her for her day of friendship. Like
I said, I’m not expecting anything, but if anyone knows or recognizes this little girl from an old photo, or has seen this photo and would
know who she grew up to be, feel free to let her know about this blog post, or even tag her on social media. I’m curious to see whatever happens
with this blog experiment, because as I said, the smallest moments in our lives can have lasting influences, and this little trip down memory
lane gave me the burst of energy and inspiration I needed to push forward with my career. To her, and to all of you who have left impressions
on me and those in your lives, I say thank you.

With one day left before the release of #VOID I decided to do the #bookandlaptop tag. I love to see my fellow authors posting pictures of their book at the very place they created said books. #writing #book #writer #voidbook #novella #laptop #paperback #contemporaryromance