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Lover’s Moon (Canadian Werewolf Book One) by Mark Leslie and Julie Strauss Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

As two people grieve the loss of a beloved individual in their lives, they recall the start of their passionate and intense relationship years earlier in authors Mark Leslie and Julie Strauss’s “Lover’s Moon”, the fifth book in the Canadian Werewolf series. 


The Synopsis 

He’s an alpha wolf and a beta boyfriend.

She’s dated every monster in New York City.

It’s time for their Meat-Cute.

Michael Andrews, a Canadian living in New York, is learning to live with the side effects of lycanthropy. Other than waking up naked and bloody in Central Park once a month, he’s managing just fine. If only he could finish the book he’s supposed to be writing. If only he could find someone he trusted enough to tell the truth to.

Gail Sommers may not have her love life in order, but at least she’s smart about things that really matter. She runs the coolest occult shop in the city, and is a pre-eminent scholar of the occult. She’s made a vow of celibacy so that she can spend this year focusing on her work and her self-care. She’s even been hired to help out a very famous and very sexy horror author.

As a new era in the Canadian Werewolf saga begins, Lover’s Moon flashes back to the romantic and comedic story of how Michael and Gail met and fell in love back in the summer of 2011. Told through both Michael and Gail’s unique perspectives, it also explores Gail’s past, introduces new characters, and reveals some of the deeper secrets of both of their lives.

A special Canadian Werewolf tale co-authored by Mark Leslie and Julie Strauss.

The Review

This was such a fun surprise in a very heavily paranormal thriller and romance series. The authors did an amazing job taking readers deeper into the romance aspect of this narrative than ever before, with the story serving both as a prequel to the main story and evolution of these two characters in the modern day of the main series narrative. The passion and humor that is infused into this narrative is both a great tribute to the character development of novels in the series that came before and a great departure from the more action and paranormal-driven narratives fans have gotten used to over the years.

What really made this story unique was the character development between these two characters. The raw emotions and the way the authors gave each of the protagonists their own unique perspective on their relationships both past and present felt both relatable and heartfelt to the reader. The mixture of desire, passion, and heat with the secret lives that initially drives a wedge between them and the hurdles they have to overcome individually to finally find their way back to one another made this story such a compelling read.

The Verdict

Heartening, entertaining, and emotionally-driven, authors Mark Leslie and Julie Strauss’s “Lover’s Moon” is a must-read paranormal romance and a great addition to the Canadian Werewolf series. Both a departure and an intimate reading experience that feels both relatable and engaging, the authors have crafted a very personal dive into the Canadian Werewolf universe. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Authors

Mark is a writer, editor and bookseller who was born and grew up in Sudbury, spent many years in Ottawa and Hamilton and currently lives in Waterloo, Ontario.

When he is not writing, he tacks “Lefebvre” back onto his name and works as a book industry consultant, having been a bookseller since the 1992, the same year his first short story was published.

Apart from publishing novels and non-fiction paranormal explorations under the name Mark Leslie, having works occasionally appearing on his mother’s refrigerator door under the name Mark Lefebvre, and podcasting and consulting about the book industry under the name Mark Leslie Lefebvre for his Stark Publishing/Stark Reflections brand, Mark is a lover of craft beer.

When he’s not enjoying craft beer or playing around with his three given names, he can usually be found wandering, awestruck through bookstores or libraries. 


Julie lives in Southern California with her husband and four kids. She homeschools them. “The kids, I mean,” Julie says. “Not the husband.”

She likes to eat dark chocolate and drink good wine and read lots of books and doesn’t usually bother with housework.

Julie warns anyone who might read her blog or her books: “You should know that I have a foul mouth and complain about the heat all the time. I speak in movie quotes, but they tend to be the obscure, random quotes that no one understands except me. I crack myself up. You’ll get used to it.”

Julie used to publish romance novels under the pen name Emma Foster. “But it turned out,” she admits, “I’m way too lazy to keep up two online profiles in addition to all the other personalities inside my head. So I dumped the pen name, and now you can find me at social media places as Julie Wrote A Book. I’d make a terrible spy. (Or maybe the Best Spy Ever. You’ll never know for sure.)”