Ebba, the First Easter Hare (SPRING) (FOUR SEASONS Book 2) by Leen Lefebre Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

Looking for the perfect spring/Easter book to share with your child? Look no further than author Leen Lefebre’s Ebba, the first Easter Hare! Here’s the synopsis:


King Stern rules over a dark empire of hares. His brother Atta leaves. Before his love Hulde gives birth to their first child, he wants to find a field of his own, bathing in light. Every day Hulde runs to the frontier, where she stands on the lookout for Atta. But then the baby arrives, too soon.

At a rapid pace, Princess Ebba grows into a smart child. Hulde notices that this curious girl resembles Atta more and more – and that is not a gift. When they discover an abandoned bird’s nest in a rabbit cave, Ebba wants to go on a trip just like her father. But, is she as brave as him?

[Crossover Fiction]
[Modern Fairy Tale]
[Family Read Aloud]
[Middle Grade Novella]
[Seasonal Stories, Holidays]

The story is well written and incredibly creative. The tale of a ruthless and evil King and his brother the Prince is a tale as old as time itself, and yet this book puts a new spin for the holiday season as we look at a journey a daughter goes on in honor of her father. Fighting to shed the darkness of her evil uncle’s rule, Ebba sets out to find the brighter future her father disappeared searching for. Taking a story about the lives of simple woodland creatures and turning into a modern day fairytale of dark kingdoms and journeys of self-discovery is an enlightened choice. The story will delight children while giving adults a great new story to bond over with their children. The character’s relationships are the emotional core of the tale, and brings the seasonal story to life in a really fantastic way.

Overall this is a must read children’s book. Bringing a story to life in a seasonal way is a fantastic choice, and makes for a great story to read with your child during the holiday season. If you haven’t yet be sure to pick up a copy of Ebba, the first Easter Hare by Leen Lefebre today!

Rating: 10/10


Frede and Santa by Leen Lefebre Review

A child’s journey to help his family takes him on a perilous adventure through elf infested woods ruled by the mysterious Elf King, and only Santa can help save the day. This is the story of Frede and Santa by Leen Lefebre, and here is they synopsis:

In a faraway village there lives a farmer with his wife. The summer harvest has failed and winter already arrives. So, how should they feed their three sons? The idea arises to fetch wood in the northern forest. They could dry it, sell it from door to door and earn some money to buy food.

Frede knows that his parents are doing their best, but is it enough to withstand the most barren period of the year? Together with his brothers, Rhune and Folke, he wants to visit Santa and ask him for help. But, first they must travel through that extensive forest where the evil Elf King lurks.

This was a fun read. It reminded me of an old and classic fairy tale, fraught with monstrous creatures and a child’s will to save those closest to him. Frede wants nothing more than to help his family, and the story allows children to see what happens when you put others before yourself, and go above and beyond to protect the ones we love. The story of the evil Elf King and his people reminded me of a Grimm Fairy tale, while the story of Santa and his village was a heartwarming story that when blended with Frede and his adventure makes for a modern day holiday classic that parents and children alike will love to read.

Overall this was a fantastic read. It was short yet sweet and to the point. A wonderful children’s book filled with adventure and a heartwarming tale of one child’s hope of helping his family, this is something parents and children alike won’t want to miss. If you haven’t yet, pick up your copies of Frede and Santa by Leen Lefebre today!

Rating: 10/10