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Thoughts on the Tragedy in Las Vegas

As everyone around the world knows, another tragic event has occurred in the United States. In the late night hours of October 1st, a gunman opened
fire into the crowd of a Country Music Festival. The horrors inflicted there have led to nearly 60 deaths and over 500 injuries. The gunman has
died, most likely self-inflicted while police attempted to capture him. This occurred in Las Vegas, with the gunman opened fire from the Mandalay
Bay hotel, inside one of the top floor’s rooms.

First and foremost, I want to give my heartfelt condolences to those who lost their lives and everyone affected by this senseless tragedy.

Secondly, I think we need to acknowledge the fact that we need some serious change in our country. How many shootings must we witness or experience
as a nation before we take action to limit these occurrences. I have no problem stating that I am in favor of gun reform. The laws in this nation
are outdated and need to be updated to fit our current societal and technological environment. I’ve always believed this, but after the last few
days I am more determined than ever to see us move forward and not backward as a country.

This event impacted me more so than any previous event. While I always feel pained and heartbroken by the senseless violence and loss of life that
grips our world, this event hits a little closer to home. Over the last week, my family has been in Las Vegas. My sister went with my parents to
celebrate her 24th birthday. On Friday night of last week, my family was at the Mandalay Bay Casino and Hotel. They went to see the Michael Jackson
show there, and spent a lot of time in the casino afterwards. Personally, I am lucky in that my family managed to leave the city three hours
before this attack occurred. Not knowing that this would occur of course, somehow they managed to get home, and within minutes of walking inside
the house we learned of what was happening.

So many things could have gone wrong to put my family in danger. Leaving a few hours later could have left them stranded in a dangerous place with
the gunman. I also think about the 1600 people that were trapped for hours inside the Michael Jackson theater after the event. My family could have
been with those individuals in the theater. What if the gunman had opened fire on Friday, when the festival was first beginning? Would my family
have been caught in the crossfire? This, along with the knowledge that my family could have been standing or walking past this gunman at anytime
on Friday cause my heart to race and anxiety and terror to settle into my very being. On top of this, Las Vegas has always been a second home
to me and my family. We go there multiple times a year, and some of our fondest memories are from this city.

Knowing all of this and seeing the possibilities that could have put my family on this list of people brutally taken by this madman, it makes me
wonder what it’s going to take to make the government see that our laws do not work. This man purchased his weapons legally, and was able to get
several automatic weapons into one of the most popular and populated cities in not only our country, but the world. It’s one of the biggest
tourist attractions in the United States, and while many have focused on the possibility of foreign terrorists attacking this city, it was the
actions of one white man with an arsenal of legally purchased weapons to send the city into a fear-instilled chaos. Is the cost of “freedom” really
our lives, and if so is it worth it?

As much as I hate guns, I could at least understand a person wanting a handgun for home safety, but why is it legal to purchase automatic weapons?
Why is it legal to carry these weapons openly on the streets of Las Vegas? Look at the names and pictures of these victims. Look at the tearful
faces of friends, family and loved ones as they have to say goodbye to the person ripped out of their lives forever. Look at their faces, and
tell me that your right to own a powerful and deadly weapon is more important than the life of a wife, a father or a child. No one is saying you
can own any weapons to defend yourselves. Please, just help meet somewhere in the middle and help make the changes needed to prevent what happened
in Vegas, Orlando and Sandy Hook to happen again. We are better than this, and I don’t want to keep watching news reports and Twitter headlines
telling the world that more innocent people are gone.

I hope you guys are OK with me posting this. It’s just a tragic event that requires more open discussion about things, and it hit closer to home than
ever before, so I needed to get this off my chest. I am going to leave below some link(s) to websites where you can donate money and get info
on how to help the victims of this tragedy. If you can afford to or have the means, let’s help those affected. Thanks for taking the time to read
this guys, and I hope you are safe and with those you love tonight.



A Tale of Two Sin Cities: My Las Vegas Experience

Recently I took a three day vacation to Las Vegas, otherwise known as Sin City. I’ve been to Vegas on numerous occasion, but this trip gave
me a chance to really look at the differences between the old Vegas and the New. You see, two versions of the city exist simultaneously
now in Vegas. There exists the old Las Vegas, where people can still spend hours and even days sitting at tables or machines, pouring
in money while they smoke, drink, and eat to their hearts content. You can see an array of emotions play out in these instances, from
joy and glee as the chips stack higher and higher before them, to anger and frustration as the chips are quickly taken from you a handful
at a time. You can find this in both the newer casinos and the casinos that have surrounded Freemont Street and the Downtown area of

There also exists a new Vegas. This Vegas doesn’t solely rely on gambling as its main export of entertainment. Live shows, concerts, high
class restaurants, clubs, world-renowned shopping centers and tourist attractions have begun to bring in families, young couples and large
groups and parties to the city. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or event, looking to relax at the man made beaches of some of the
casinos along the Strip, or want to shop in beautiful and ornate shopping centers such as The Venetian, this new Vegas has brought a spark
into the city that hasn’t been seen since the days of The Rat Pack at it’s zenith.

Whether you enjoy the simple pleasures of the old Vegas or crave the bright, new features of the new Vegas, this is a town that may feature
its share of “sin”, but also allows for an escape from the troubles of home life and dive headfirst into a magical world of bright lights
and worthwhile sights. My trip showcased both sides of Vegas, and although I am an avid believer in the new Vegas, it was interesting to
see the old Vegas still thriving in the downtown areas. I loved exploring the Venetian/Palazzo and Bellagio hotels and casinos, and look
forward to staying on the Strip in the future.

If you want to check out my video blogs (vlogs) on my YouTube channel, follow this link here, (Avina Vlogs), and if you have any pictures,
videos or thoughts on Las Vegas or your own trip to Vegas, let me know in the comments below! Where is your favorite place to stay in
Las Vegas?