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Jefferson’s Chance by Jim Christina Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A young man who lost his leg as a chid gets a second chance at his dream of becoming a Texas Ranger when he receives a new artificial leg. However after taking an assignment to track down two killers, the Ranger finds himself facing a band of marauding Comanche Warriors in author Jim Christina’s epic western, “Jefferson’s Chance”. 


The Synopsis

Severely limited by the loss of a leg at ten years old, Jefferson Greely’s dream is to become Texas Ranger yet is stopped because of his missing leg. Enlisting the assistance of Thomas Griffith, Jefferson gets another chance after Griffith designs a new leg, one capable of acting like a normal leg. After proving his worth, Jefferson is sworn into the rangers and assigned to track down two killers. Accompanied by a legendary ex-ranger, Caleb Stringfeld, Jefferson and Caleb find the two outlaws but find much more waiting around the corner in the guise of a marauding band of Comanche warriors led by a war chief named Mukwooru. Staying the Ranger’s code, Jefferson and Caleb track the Comanches to an epic stand of bravery, perseverance and a willingness to die for what they believe. 

The Review

Atmosphere plays a heavy role in this narrative early on. Immediately readers are taken into the old west era, living wild on the Texas frontier. The characters’ interactions with one another and the author’s writing really brought the setting to life beautifully, capturing the essence and tone of the era for which the entire genre and this novel hinders. 

The author really captured the raw and dangerous nature of the times in that era perfectly, as well as the grueling nature of life on the frontier. However what really stood out was the classic show of heroism from protagonist Jefferson and ex-Ranger Caleb, both of whom made their stand against unbelievable odds to save innocent children from a dangerous situation. The action and dialogue felt like watching a classic spaghetti western, making the entire novel feel very visual in its delivery.

The Verdict

An action-packed, entertaining, and heartfelt story of heroism and survival, author Jim Christina’s “Jefferson’s Chance” is a must-read western. Not only did the author perfectly bring this era of time to life, but the theme of overcoming great odds to realize one’s dreams and putting our lives on the line for the innocent really made this a remarkable western to read. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Jim Christina was born into an Air Force Family in 1949. Living all over the world before finally landing in Del Mar, California.

A musician, historian, writer, poet, playwright…all things describing Jim Christina. A graduate of San Dieguito High School in Encinitas, Ca, and Old Reliable University in Washington State, Jim spent almost ten years in the US Army before joining his father in the family’s paint business.

While managing a territory in Washington and Oregon, Jim began composing music and writing the lyrics. Forming a band in Tacoma, Washington, “Sundown”, Jim’s music and the melody of Sundown played up and down the state before Jim moved to California.

For years a character had been rolling around in his mind and in 2008,, the character became the Hunter and the series was born. They are stories of an aging man hunter and his protege’ in Arizona in the last half of the nineteenth century.

The stories are gritty, raw and accurate in their depiction of the lives and times of the main characters. “If you are looking for Louis Lamour, you won’t find him here.” If you are looking for a walloping good story, turn the pages and start reading. 

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