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Hut-Yo Cull: The Hunt Begins by Dee Rose Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

An earth-born man from the 80s joins a woman from an extinct race of bounty hunters to stop an armada of ruthless warriors led by two war-monger brothers and the god-like being who is hell-bent on preventing a prophecy that spells their doom in author Dee Rose’s “Hut-Yo Cull: The Hunt Begins”.


The Synopsis

In the year 2345 on the planet Kazar, a young woman, Hut-Yo Cull, grows into adulthood and learns of her parent’s origins, which are a race of bounty Hunters, who were made extinct and enslaved by an intergalactic armada known as the Merciless. They are led by two brothers, Admiral Gloomis, and General Vrane. They only concern themselves with two things, a god-like creature known as MInister Milos, who also wants to rule the Universe, and a prophecy he created known as the Gunn Prophecy. In an effort to prevent the prophecy from occurring, General Gloomis travels to Earth in 1985 to stop the birth of the Jake Gunn, the prophecy’s namesake. This starts an adventure that spans to several planets throughout the universe and unites Jake, Hut-yo Cull, and their allies to do battle with the Merciless and Milos

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The Review

This was a profoundly entertaining and captivating sci-fi read. The author did an amazing job of world-building for this novel. The mythology and wealth of backstory built over the course of the novel made the universe feel so alive and vibrant on the page. This was doubly felt with the author’s use of imagery and heavy atmosphere that made these settings feel as massive and compelling as the cosmos truly is. 

Yet to me, it was the amazing balance of theme and character development that made this story shine. The themes played well into the character arcs of this story, as both protagonists find themselves on a mission of revenge and justice against this alien threat of the Merciless, and yet the story plays with the idea of how thin the line between destiny and revenge a hero’s journey can take and how our personal histories can often blur that line in life, just as it does for the protagonists here. The chemistry that forms between these two people as they face this cosmic threat was great to see come to life on the page.

The Verdict

With a haunting story, rich character growth, and an entertaining mythos to get lost in, author Dee Roses’s “Hut-Yo Cull: The Hunt Begins” is a must-read sci-fi epic you won’t be able to put down. The twists and turns in this narrative are not only plentiful but so shocking that by the book’s end, readers will be shocked and eager for the author to return to this universe immediately. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Dee Rose was born on July 5th and resides in Denver, CO, where he studied Political Science at Metropolitan State University. He has two children, Nadia and Nicole. He started writing when he entered a writing contest at William A. Wirt high school in Gary, IN. “My goal is to blow people’s minds.” He says. “But sound cool doing it.”