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Mallory’s Manly Methods by Thomas Keech Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A man constantly trying to play the system and those around him falls into a series of missteps through his work, his romantic pursuits, and even the law in author Thomas Keech’s “Mallory’s Manly Methods”.


The Synopsis

Kevin Mallory is so good at lying he has convinced himself he has almost an average life. He tries to use his exceptional skill at prevarication to hang onto his job without doing any work, win the love of his co-worker without recognizing who she really is, take advantage of the young Black man who moves in next door, and manipulate the police and the courts into accepting his warped idea of justice.

The Review

This was definitely one of the most interesting reads I’ve had so far this year. The author immediately flys in the face of traditional humor books out there by crafting a protagonist that is not very likable at all. That is a good thing for this read, for in my mind’s eye the author crafted the everyman’s version of a Larry David or George Costanza but in the era of the Trump age. The ignorance, obliviousness, and tone-deaf way Mallory goes through life as he pushes the buttons of his bosses, his coworker Nelly, and even his neighbors, a young Black family, are so cringy and yet so beyond ridiculousness you can’t help but laugh not with him or in agreement with his views, but at his ridiculous nature. 

Yet when the humor is gone, it is easy to relate this character to someone we’ve all come into contact with at one point or another in our lives. Especially in the current political climate our society faces. Someone who is oblivious to the world around them. Someone who understands nothing about social interactions. Someone who believes themselves smarter than those around them, even though the situations they dig themselves into are beyond their grasp. The author captures this tone and atmosphere the character creates perfectly, creating the balance of humor and social tension that highlights the struggles many faces in this world, from sexual harassment to narcissistic tendencies and so much more.

The Verdict

Witty, shocking, and engaging, author Thomas Keech’s “Mallory’s Manly Methods” is a must-read satire and humor fictional read. The protagonist is unusual and easy to root against, and yet so fascinating to delve into his psyche in an effort to understand the decision-making process and how these situations arise in the world. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10


About the Author

Mr. Keech has written seven well-reviewed novels based on his experiences as a juvenile counselor, a legal aid attorney, an administrative law judge, and an Assistant Attorney General for the State of Maryland as well as his time spent as a father and a former teenager himself. Besides writing, he has worked as a volunteer attorney and is a member of the ethics review panel of his local board of education.

Blind Spot by Robert Hoffman Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own.

An average family man who’s always seen himself as a decent guy finds his world turned upside down when the one neighbor he can’t stand collides with him one fateful afternoon, resulting in an accident that could destroy his life forever in author Robert Hoffman’s “Blind Spot”. 


The Synopsis

Doug Kaplan seemed to be doing about as well as one could hope. He had a beautiful and loving wife, three healthy boys, and a successful career. He also had a neighbor who seemed to exist for the very purpose of driving him crazy. Trudy Fleischmann was a force of nature, a presence to be reckoned with for sure. She didn’t mean any harm, but if she had a thought, or an opinion, she was going to share it with whomever happened to be in her crosshairs, and lately that had been Doug.

The problem was, nobody else seemed to mind Trudy, and this made Doug even crazier. With peaceful coexistence seemingly beginning to fail, it appeared as if an ugly conflict between Doug and his elderly German immigrant neighbor was going to be unavoidable, until the accident, the accident that changed everything.

Now, in the aftermath of a moment of carelessness, everything Doug holds near and dear is at risk of being taken from him, and now the one individual whom he wished to see purged most of all from his life may hold the key to any chance of normalcy and happiness going forward in his life.

The Review

This was such an intriguing and intimate character-driven narrative. The author really found the perfect balance between humorous dialogue and character interactions and personal drama amongst the large cast of characters. The story felt so real and connected to our very tumultuous times right now, exploring how we often clash with those around us. The character growth and relationships explored in this narrative were so relatable and engaging, allowing readers to see the backstory to these characters and the narrative overall felt like such a rich and fulfilled journey to readers overall.

What really struck me with this narrative was the theme and atmosphere of this story overall. The concept that we as people rarely if ever are able to see the flaws or mistakes we make in our own lives, and are always quick to point out other people’s flaws instead was such a relatable theme to the age we are living in now. To me, what stuck out was how the story seemed to explore how we often criticize others who seem to reflect our flaws that our subconscious buries deep within ourselves, and take our internal frustrations out on those around us. 

The Verdict

A memorable, heartfelt, and detailed yet entertaining read, author Robert Hoffman’s “Blind Spot” is a must-read, character-driven humorous drama. The immersive way the author transports readers into the narrative and makes the characters feel so alive and gripping to behold will keep you enthralled as the story unravels, and the emotional yet heartwarming ending will be a moment of true clarity and hilarity to readers as the pages come to an end. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy today!

Rating: 10/10

Purchase your copy now available on Amazon. Make sure to add it to your GoodReads reading list too.


About the Author

It’s about time somebody asked that question.  Rob Hoffman is originally from a town on Long Island called North Massapequa.  He attended SUNY Oswego where he majored in Communications, a degree that it turned out he had little use for.  He did however meet  the woman who would eventually become my wife, the former Michelle Lindell.  Rob and Michelle lived in the aptly named Flushing, Queens for six years before moving to a town called Clifton Park, New York just south of Saratoga Springs.  Finding little value in his degree in communications, Rob became a social studies teacher, teaching in Long Island City, Queens for four years before spending the remainder of his career in Rensselaer, New York, a small city on the banks of the Hudson River just across the water from Albany.  Rob taught for 31 years before retiring in June of 2021, only to come back as a part-time teacher in September of 2021 at Rensselaer High School.  Rob had always been interested in becoming a writer and he began his blogging career as a contributor at the “Times Union” of Albany for six years.  In this time Rob also blogged for a variety of sites including Fark.com, Crooks and Liars.com, Albany.com, and Knees and Fists.com.  Rob has remained happily married to Michelle for 34 years and counting, and has two grown sons, Andrew and Alex, ages 29 and 23.  Most recently, Rob and Michelle became grandparents to the newest addition to the family, Sam Hoffman, son of Andrew and his wife Katie.

“Blind Spot” represents Rob’s first true attempt at writing fiction, an experience Rob both fun and exhausting.  Rob had thrown around several ideas as he began to think about what it was he wanted to write about, and then one day his wife had sent him to the supermarket on an errand where he saw somebody he really didn’t want to spend anytime talking to, so he raced out of the store, got in his car, turned it on, slammed it into reverse and was about to speed out of the spot when he stopped himself and said, “Dumb-ass, be careful, you could hit somebody.”  Then, as Rob began to slowly and carefully pull out of his parking spot, he thought for another second and it occurred to him how ironic it would be if he accidentally hit the person he was trying to get away from and “Blind Spot” was born.  The character of Doug Kaplan, while not autobiographical, is sort of based on the best and worst of Rob’s traits.  Doug is at times the guy Rob always wanted to be, and yet at the same time, Doug also represented the guy Rob was relieved to know he never became. The other characters according to Rob are combinations of people that he knew from his childhood, as well as college and work experiences. 

Follow the author online at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/robert.s.hoffman.7/

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Linked-in – https://www.linkedin.com/in/robert-hoffman-43999348/

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