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HEY DOORMAN VIII: True Tales of an Uncommon Bouncer in Los Angeles by John P. Kildemm Review

A short yet action fueled memoir set in the post 2016 Election era defines the novel by author John P. Kildemm. Titled “HEY DOORMAN VIII: True
Tales of an Uncommon Bouncer in Los Angeles, this 36 page story takes readers through the life of an LA Bouncer, and the experiences he encounters
in a California city where Donald Trump has become President of the United States. Here is an official synopsis:

SEX — VIOLENCE — TRUMP Eight true tales from your wittiest bouncer’s, wittiest bouncer
Mister Kildemm chronicles the night life in the City of Angels as only he can, in the fourth installment of, Hey Doorman. But this time with a biting political edge working in cahoots with his always hilarious edge. That’s two edges people. TWO.

As Jerry Seinfeld once said, “I’m sure he’s having a good laugh over this with his doorman buddies.”

This short yet sweet read is fun yet mind-blowing, as the often overlooked job of a bouncer at a nightclub showcases the struggles one faces with
various patrons, from the would be robber to the wannabe NBA player. While I will say for younger readers that this is a very adult book, featuring
adult language and sexually explicit terminology, overall I think the book was well told and painted a vivid image in one’s head of these insane
situations. The use of pop culture references worked perfectly here, and the humor and wit used by the author is as lightning fast and entertaining
as the author himself.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While it wasn’t the lengthiest of stories, the tales that were told in this memoir are unlike anything I’d
read before and makes you appreciate the men and women who work in the service industry like that and put up with the reckless and chaotic behavior
of trouble causing patrons. It’s a chaos fueled world out there, and author John P. Kildemm has done a marvelous job of bringing that chaos to the
forefront with this novel. If you haven’t yet, be sure to pick up your copies of this book today!

Rating: 8/10