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Letters from a Christmas Elf: Unexpected Humor for Any Season by Kirsten and Kurt Johnston Review

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions are my own. 

A family’s life gets a humorous and holiday twist in authors Kirsten and Kurt Johnston’s novel “Letters from a Christmas Elf: Unexpected Humor for Any Season. Here’s the synopsis.

The Synopsis

One of Santa’s trusty Elves is assigned to report on the Johnstons. He follows the lives of Kirsten & Kurt and their eight children, along with a few cats and a dog. The family has gotten older, but wisdom still eludes them as they continue to find new ways to get laughed at without even trying. These letters tell the truth most sane people won’t admit — the naughty, the nice and the nonsense. Does this family deserve anything from Santa? You decide. 

Letters from a Christmas Elf: Unexpected Humor for any Season is 25+ years of real Christmas letters chronicling the witless antics of an ordinary family — resulting in extraordinary humor. 

The Review

This was such a fun book to read. While I would bill it as the perfect holiday read (and just in time for the holidays no doubt), this is the kind of humorous book you could enjoy all year round. Blending a mix of fiction and non-fiction, it’s fun to see the lives of the Johnston family through the magical, holiday lens of this narrator Elf. 

The story is written with a voice that speaks of honesty and humor that showcases the unique bond between this family. What really shone through was how relatable and yet entertaining this family and their story was. They feel like the next door neighbors you bond with instantly, or the fun distant relatives you never knew you had. 

The Verdict

Overall this was a truly fun read. With the holidays over, this book not only brings that holiday spirit back but shows how the spirit of the holidays (which in essence is about the family you spend time with or the people you surround yourself with and make you feel loved) never leaves you when the holidays pass. No matter how stressful, chaotic or painful life may get or how troublesome family members can be, a true family shines brightest when the bond between them is strong and love is in their hearts. If you haven’t yet, be sure to grab your copy of Letters from a Christmas Elf: Unexpected Humor for any Season by Kirsten and Kurt Johnston today!

Rating: 10/10



About the Authors


Kirsten & Kurt Johnston have celebrated 25 Christmases together.  Firm believers in Santa, K&K are always hoping for a good review in the annual Elf Report.  They are gratified to know that they are not always on their children’s naughty list.

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