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Infinity: Volume 1 by Jonathan Hickman Review

In honor of the upcoming blockbuster event of the year, (Avengers: Infinity War), it’s time to check out one of the influences for the film, Infinity by writer Jonathan Hickman. The story explores a major Marvel event, where Thanos begins a galactic war as the Avengers fight both in space and on Earth. Here’s the synopsis:

The year’s most anticipated blockbuster cosmic event is here, as the Marvel Universe marches towards Infinity! The mad titan Thanos makes his world-shattering return, and his armies fire the opening shots of a galactic war that will be fought both on Earth and in deep space – with our heroes caught between both battles! As Thanos’ secrets are revealed, the Inhumans’ city of Attilan falls, and the Illuminati find themselves on the front line! And as every Origin Site on Earth goes active, the Builders enter the Marvel Universe. But can the Avengers return to Earth in ti me to save it, when betrayal in the Galactic Council has left them prisoners of war? Galactic empires will fall as Thanos’ crazed plans come to fruition!

Collecting Infinity #1-3, Avengers #18-20, New Avengers 9-10.

The graphic novel does an excellent job of bringing the larger than life scale of the threat of Thanos to life. The story of Thanos and his Black Order is a unique addition to the Infinity saga, adding new threats and a much more powerful army to Thanos that the Avengers must face. The artwork is beautiful, integrating the various factions of the Marvel Universe. We see the beginning of the fall of Attilan, the Inhumans Kingdom after Thanos begins his conquest of Earth. We get a taste of the influences for the upcoming film in the MCU, and got to witness the ruthlessness and villainy of Thanos.

Overall I loved this comic book. The maturity and graphic nature of this particular story kind of helped establish the stakes of the fight between the Avengers and Thanos. A story of manipulation, power and hope, this was an amazing story to read. If you guys haven’t yet be sure to pick up your copies of Infinity: Volume 1 by Jonathan Hickman today!

Rating: 10/10


Wonder Woman Vol 1: The Lies by Greg Rucka (Writer) Review

The powerful Amazon warrior Wonder Woman returns in her first DC Rebirth graphic novel, Wonder Woman Vol 1: The Lies. Written by Greg Rucka, the graphic novel finds Wonder Woman with two sets of memories, and in search for the truth. Here is the official synopsis:

A part of DC Universe: Rebirth!

New York Times best-selling writer Greg Rucka returns to Wonder Woman! After suffering an unimaginable loss, Diana must rebuild her mission as Earth’s ultimate protector and champion. However, in the midst of her grief, her Lasso of Truth stopped working! Start down the rabbit hole as dark secrets from Wonder Woman’s past unravel her present!

From the ashes of DC Universe: Rebirth, critically acclaimed writer Greg Rucka along with illustrator Liam Sharpunveil a tale that will forever alter the DC icon in Wonder Woman, Volume 1: The Lies!

Collecting: Wonder Woman 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, Rebirth

The incredible work done in this graphic novel is truly breathtaking. The strength and courage Diana displays as Wonder Woman showcases both the emotion and power women can emulate all at once, while also exploring the larger DC Universe as a whole. The latest incarnation of the DC Multiverse introduces the dark new version of The Cheetah, Wonder Woman’s friend turned hated enemy. Showing the horrors of her origin, Cheetah may be Wonder Woman’s only hope of finding her home. The way the writer showcases the affect of the multiversal changes to DC Comics on Wonder Woman is a brilliant stroke of storytelling, and the art is incredibly vivid. The lush environments seem to just pop off of the pages, and the wider conspiracy teased in the pages of this graphic novel make for a compelling and edge of your seat story.

Overall this was an incredible read. Filled with classic Wonder Woman and DC Comic goodness, the story highlights the strength and wisdom of the character, all while showing off the long standing affects of multiverse changes. If you have’t yet pick up your copy of Wonder Woman Vol 1: The Lies by Greg Rucka today!

Rating: 10/10

Greg Rucka (Writer), Liam Sharp (Artist), Jodi Wynne (Letterer), Matthew Clark (Penciller), Sean Parsons (Inker), Laura Martin (Colorist), Jeremy Colwell (Colorist)


Jessica Jones Vol 1: Uncaged by Brian Michael Bendis (Writer) Review

A gritty graphic novel showing the darker side of the Marvel Universe, writer Brian Michael Bendis brings to life one of the world’s most beloved characters in recent years, Jessica Jones. The story of a woman with a haunted past and a dark secret comes to life in this amazing noir style graphic novel. Here is the synopsis:

After a decade, Jessica Jones is back in her own solo series! A lot has changed in the Marvel Universe and there are many secrets hiding in the shadows – secrets only a special woman like Jessica Jones can hope to uncover. Alias Investigations is open for business, and of all the many mysteries to discover, her new case may be the most dangerous one! This blistering new series is filled with haunting revelations from Jessica’s past, and answers to some of the biggest questions about the new Marvel NOW! universe! From Jessica Jones’ original creators comes an all-new chapter in the world-famous private eye’s ongoing adventures!


I loved this graphic novel. The series brings the gritty nature so many fans have fallen in love with over the course of two seasons on the Netflix series of the same name, while also incorporating the larger Marvel Universe in new and unexpected ways. Twists and turns take Jessica on a lonely journey, alienating not only her friends and allies, but the man she loves as well. Filled with humor, action and a budding mystery within the Marvel Universe, this comic brings the story like only Jessica Jones could. Arguably one of the most complex and strong female characters in the Marvel Comics Universe, the artists and writers did a fantastic job of breathing life into the hero. Exploring a multiversal mystery uncovered by Jessica and a complicated family dispute all while working on her latest case, Jessica is shown in a very real, volatile and emotional state that readers will instantly fall in love with.

Overall this was a wonderful story, filled with passion, superhero goodness and a powerful character you can really invest in. If you guys haven’t pick up this incredible graphic novel Jessica Jones Vol 1: Uncaged by Brian Michael Bendis today!

Rating: 10/10

Brian Michael Bendis (Writer), Michael Gaydos (Artist), Matt Hollingsworth (Colourist), Cory Petit (Letterer), David W. Mack (Cover Artist)


USNA: The United States of North America Books One and Two by Harry Kalensky, Davey Longworth, Allan Stanleigh 

In a world where politics has taken a much larger role than ever before, politically charged works of fiction are becoming much more prevalent. One such book stuck out to me, and that was the graphic novel series USNA: The United States of North America. In both books one and two of the series, the future is dominated by advanced technology and a continent formed into one nation, and a small group of rebels who hope to return their nation to the people, and not the military council that now rules. Here is the synopsis:

An action filled multi-character drama, this graphic novel tells about a time in the future when our two great countries, Canada and the United States, have amalgamated and there is a growing discontent. Family farms have been replaced by huge corporate farms that exploit the bulging prison populations for labor. Severe drought has led to food shortages and rationing in the cities. Young adults are being conscripted to fight in the Cent-Am wars while a groundswell of rebellion is building. The rebels want to return to a time when the policies of the government represented the best interests of the people, not the best interests of those who govern. To lead their movement, the rebels are planning the return of their leader, the exiled former prime minister of Canada, Samuel Stern. To combat this threat, a new organization has been created by the administration of USNA. It’s a covert homeland security force: the Strategic Home Alliance Defense Organization (S.H.A.D.O.). Operating on the fringes of the law, their mission is simple: locate and eliminate any rebel activity using deadly force if necessary. This is the story of the people’s fight against tyranny in our own backyard.

A mixture of science fiction, political fiction and espionage thriller, this story showcases a future where two nations become one, and the rule of law makes corporations the dominant force, not the lower class who help build businesses or the farmers who’s entire lives depend on the land they farm. This graphic novel series does a fantastic job of showing multiple points of view, from the naive widow who is shown the real world for the first time to the optimistic rebel leader to the tough as nails military general who is as ruthless as he is cunning. 

The artwork in this graphic novel is beautiful, bringing a sort of noir realism like Frank Miller’s Sin City to a fast-paced, action packed world where boarders have all but evaporated on our continent. The plot is both familiar and new, exploring a new topic but giving a reassuring formula of a small, ragtag group of rebels who must become heroes to free the people under the corrupt thumb of a military based government. 
Overall, this is a must read graphic novel series, which showcases the lengths a government may go to exert control over a nation and the strength of the men and women who yearn to give freedom back to the people. USNA: The United States of North America is a wonderful series from a talented group of writers and artists who I hope to see more work from in the future. Pick up your copy of USNA: Books One and Two today!
USNA: The United States of North America https://www.amazon.com/dp/098097013X/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_X.-MzbPXS8CK8

Interview with Jave Galt-Miller

1) What was the inspiration behind your graphic

I grew up in the
80s, and when I was a kid I recorded two movies from HBO onto one videotape. Weird Science and Lifeforce. Ever since, those two films have been connected in my
head. Nerd fantasy gone wrong and naked hot chick killing everyone she meets.
Combine these with a healthy dose of paranoia of the “other” from Invasion of the Body Snatchers (the only
two versions that count), and you start laying the foundations for Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space.

And then there’s
Fashion and Pornography. Driving around Los Angeles, I noticed a billboard one
day for perfume or makeup or something. And the girl was young and naked and
alone. Her eyes sinking into the dark makeup around them said she had no real
soul, no real volition. She could be told to do anything. And I saw this theme
everywhere: thin, underdressed girls lounging around, their eyes zoned out like
zombies, their bodies looking too much like corpses, their desire omnipresent, their
sexual appetite voracious and diverse. And my next thought was Lesbian Zombies.

Unlike the hero
of our story, Ace, I don’t watch a lot of porn because my imagination can take
care of any arousal duties when needed. But, like many guys out there, the
thought of two girls rubbing and kissing and fondling one another is a big turn
on. Lesbians: but lesbians who ultimately want to be finished off by the real
protagonist of the fantasy, me. I mean, yeah, it’s absurd. So I thought more
and more about the absurdity. Not just why and how lesbians would have any
interest in the male reproductive organ, but also why there were so many people
out there against – and disgusted by – the idea of homosexuality; yet still they
were turned on by the female version of it.

I guess there’s
a lot of ways you could go with that line of thought. But if these women on the
billboards and in these porn movies were our slaves, our creatures, what
happens when those creatures rebel and turn the fantasy into a nightmare?

2) Why choose the graphic novel over
say a regular novel? What drew you into the world of comics?

I love writing,
but novels are too damned long (for writing, not for reading). I got interested
in writing movie scripts years ago over a beer-induced dare, and I’ve been
writing scripts ever since. Movie scripts and comic scripts are similar in
that, even when the script is done, it is not a finished product. It is only a
plan for a product. In other words, if movie studios aren’t throwing money at
you to write their next blockbuster, writing scripts can get pretty frustrating
since you rarely get to see them become their fully-formed selves.

I initially
wrote Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space
as a low-budget feature film. I had just graduated from film school, and I was
somehow going to raise half a million dollars and direct the thing. Yeah,
right. While that budget is miniscule in comparison to most films out there,
it’s way beyond my circle of family and friends. Sadly, I had to accept that Lesbian Zombies was going to be another
useless file on my hard drive like so many others.

But then two
summers ago, a friend of mine threatened to cut off my balls if I didn’t at
least try to turn it into a comic book. Well, my balls were on the line. I
loved reading comics as a kid, and the interest had recently been reignited
with the deluge of comics being turned into movies and TV shows. So I started
doing my research and putting a team together, and here I am.  Instead of words on a page, I have a flesh
and blood (lots of blood) (… and flesh, for that matter) story.

3) Which character do you think you identified
with most?

Well, if Ace is my Id, Gwen is my Superego. I’m
not sure that I directly identify with either of them though.

4) What do you hope readers will take
away from your graphic novel?

Ultimately, I just want people to laugh and have fun.
And, if I’m being honest and a bit sadistic, I’d like them to have a brief
flash of fear the next time they’re getting a blowjob…

5) What are some other horror comedies that have
inspired you to write this story?

Two of my
favorite splatter movies are Rodriquez’ Planet
(2007) and James Gunn’s Slither
(2006). Both of these are very self-aware of what they are, and what past films
they comment on. Both are also zombie movies, though not necessarily in the
strict Romero sense of the term.

One of my
favorite movies though, another non-Romero zombie movie, and one which has had
what some might consider an unlikely influence, is Invasion of the Body Snatchers – both the 1956 and 1978 versions
(the rest be damned). I watched both of these films as a kid, and they had a
big impact on me. When Sutherland turns and points with that horrifying shriek
at the end of the 1978 version, it’s one of the most disturbing moments of my

But Lesbian
Zombies for me isn’t all about horror and exploitation. It’s also about sex,
and the anxiety and terror that the idea of sex can bestow.  While Shaun
of the Dead
called itself a zombie romantic comedy, for me LZfOS is a
zombie teen sex comedy. It’s Porky’s
and it’s American Pie. But most of
all it’s John Hugh’s Weird Science. That
movie, and the sight of Kelly LeBrock in tight leotards, had a big impact on my
childhood, and this story.

6) What are your plans for the future? What is
the future for Ace and company in Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space?

As I write this
I am about to publish the 7th and final issue of the story. If you
missed the individual issues, it will be available digitally in two volumes,
and in print as one continuous graphic novel. While the last page of the book
can be interpreted as leaving room for a sequel, I very much doubt I will be
going for a Lesbian Zombies round

As for me, I’m
working on my next comic book series, and it is very different from this first
venture. I’ve long been fascinated by Ancient Greece, and I’m preparing an
historical adventure/war story about the Peloponnesian War, called Polis.  I hope you’ll check it out when it’s done!

Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space by Jave Galt-Miller

This was given to me by the author for a fair and honest review. NSFW!

As you can probably tell from the title, this was definitely not a book that normally falls within my wheelhouse. While described as a horror
comedy, Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space by Jave Galt-Miller definitely pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone, and yet I found myself open
to the possibilities of a comedic take on the horror genre, and seeing as this was my first graphic novel, I jumped at the chance to give this
a review. Here is they synopsis:

Get volume #1 of the NSFW zom-com horror series where flawed male fantasy becomes a nightmare! Includes Issues 1-4, each with the original cover,
as well as the R-rated Sexy Variant cover.

Ace just wants to film his buddy’s threesome, but suddenly all the girls in town are transforming into lesbian zombies. And these girls are not
looking for brains. He’ll have to team with an unlikely friend to run for his life and stop the funniest, sexiest apocalypse you’ve ever seen.

122 pages of full-color nudity and violence make this an ADULTS ONLY horror comic.

Sometimes when Hot Girls make out – it’s Evil!

The the hijinks of Ace and the survivors of this zombie outbreak were definitely humorous, what really struck me was the way this series has
highlighted the often ridiculous male fantasies that they dream up, as well as the stupid stereotypes that the lesbian community is often labeled
with. The story does a great job of bringing these issues to light, while also touching on the horror genre often explored in cheesy, B-movie
80’s films.

The artwork is wonderfully drawn, and the story conjures up images of a mix of various 80’s films, as if Weird Science and The Evil Dead were
combined into one giant film. While I would recommend this to my adult readers out there, I think it is a great addition to the horror comedy
genre, and so I hope you guys will pick up Vol 1 (Issues #1-4) of Lesbian Zombies From Outer Space by Jave Galt-Miller today!

Username: Evie by Joe Sugg Review

Wow! That was my first reaction when I opened up to the first page of Joe “ThatcherJoe” Sugg’s first ever comic book/graphic novel,

Username: Evie. The artwork is just gorgeous, and the stark contrast between the dark, ominous scenes and the warm, heartwarming scenes was
something to behold.

The story revolves around a young girl named Evie, who is considered a social outcast in school and feels alone in the world, (save for her
father). Worried about his daughter, the father creates a unique virtual world for Evie to escape into, giving her a chance to escape the
vicious real world and create a more pleasant, inviting experience to help her grow as a person. Yet when an unexpected visitor threatens to
corrupt the world her father created, Evie must venture forth and find a way to stop the corruption and save her world, and herself in the

Full of heart, emotion, action and great characters, Username Evie is a phenomenal read. The characters are wonderfully developed and
people that are identifiable to a lot of young teens out there, and the story moves at a fast yet invigorating pace that allows the reader to
invest in the book fully. I found myself unable to put it down and was able to finish it almost immediately, and I know that I will be
visiting the world created in Username: Evie a whole hell of a lot more in the future. I can only hope that more books from Mr. Sugg are
planned for the future, so make sure you pick up your copy of Joe Sugg’s “Username: Evie” today!